Title: Imps-r-Us 2 --> Version 2.0 of * Imps r us 2: Masters of Carnage *
Filename: levels/doom/d-f/dmcarn20.zip
Size: 82.45 KB
Date: 08/22/05
Author: Dodd A. Snow
Description: Well, this is the new and improved "Imps-r-Us 2", this is version 2.0 . This is what i wanted 1.0 to be like, but i did not have , or even know it even existed. DEU-GCC gave me the memory i needed to complete the level the way it should of been in the first place!. It's still an e1m1, and hopefully everyone will be happy that the BIG monsters are gone in this version, due to complaints that it ruined the game. I didn't know that is what the masses enjoyed, but now i do. I took it as constructive criticism, and thanks to the feedback i recieved, Im alot wiser :).

Hopefully you will enjoy it.
Credits: Thanks to Paracelus for the help getting me directed towards DEU-GCC

Also to Blackfist for "The Beginners Guide to DEU"

The DEU guys.... You know who you are!

And Id Software...................... I Salute You!
Base: IMPSRUS2.WAD, that was v. 1.0 of 'Imps r us 2: Masters of Carnage', also done by Dodd A Snow.
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DEU-GCC
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Rather squarish but good looking especially due to elegant texture combinations. Play is pretty good for an old level, with a a relatively large (for vanilla) size, many smaller opponents, and some danger from hit scanners. Unlike the first imps r' us, this one doesn't have critical bugs. I enjoyed my first try through it, where I survived but had various close calls (walking around a while in search of healing with 4% health amid various roaming monsters.) [4/5] ~Chain Mail (03/2011)x
Good fun, especially so for a 1994 wad. It's almost exclusively imps and sergeants - there are some cacodemons and a couple of piggies, but no other monsters. It's generally open-plan and emphasises accurate shotgun shooting, and it's best played only with the shotgun. Detailing is old-school 1994, i.e. there's very little (some step-up tables that the author was proud of). I ended with 5% health and this is, like, 2005!x
Un beau tableau avec beaucoup de challenge. Je me suis rendu dans la derniere piece en 5 vie a UV fast et j'ai perdu patience faque j'ai recommence a UV et je l'ai eu en 25:31 100% Kill - 4/5 - Eye'sx
For a really old map, this looks good (a few places are very bare, but it's okay), and it plays excellently. There are several traps, and some fights are the coolest I've seen in a long time. A couple of monster teleporters in particular are used to good effect. Don't worry about your health, as the map's mostly populated by weaker monsters. There are also plenty of "impossible-to-find " secrets that will have you looking around for some time. Recommended, not only for old-school players. --4/5x
o_O This is by far the best '94 map I have ever played. IMO it's almost on par with several stock UDoom maps when it comes to gameplay. It beats the crap out of some Doom 2 maps. If you enjoy classic Doom action it's a must-have. 4/5 - Belialx
Excellent map - large with good action and "flow". Pacifist might be an interesting challenge here.x

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