Filename: levels/doom/d-f/dmcliffs.zip
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Date: 12/29/04
Author: Unknown
Description: Kill them
Base: New from scratch
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The wad timestamp inside zip is May 26, 1994. Better ignore all big weapons and use -fast monsters if you want any challenge. I had fun just walking around and exploring.x
hi, this is the best!!x
This is from May 1995. The zipfile has an advert for Rusty n Edie's BBS, which surprisingly has a Wikipedia page! The readme is only six words long and gives no clue as to the author (perhaps he was called Cliff). The map is good for 1994, with enough action to keep me amused. There's one clever bit, when it looks as if you've backtracked, with monster corpses on the floor, but you haven't. The design is simple, but it has lightsourcing, sensible textures etc.x
The mysterious title aside (there are no cliffs here), this is a good map, that starts out in a base, and has you exploring a variety of settings, the best of which is a well-designed cavern. The progression is nice, but does tend to leave one confused -- sometimes on purpose! The fights are okay, but it often feels very easy, and a little empty. Oh, well, there's always -fast. The looks aren't bad at all, for such an old map. Nice, but obvious, secrets. Recommended. --4/5x

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