Title: DOOM: The Combat Zone
Filename: levels/doom/d-f/dmcomb.zip
Size: 68.75 KB
Date: 12/30/04
Author: Emil R. Eisenhardt
Description: This level was modeled after a "capture the flag" type game, in which two teams (configured to your choice) must attack the other Headquarters in order to activate all five switches, which will give them access to their team's end level switch. The first team to end the level using their switch wins! I tried to make this level as fun as possible for this type of play, so I included many sniper points, dark rooms, hiding places, and secrets, not to mention a bunch of ammo. Read on for more info as to the Game play. Also, if you just like trying out new levels, included many complex and "interesting" rooms, but I HIGHLY recommend trying this level with other people.
Credits: Thanks to those "omniscient" DEU creators and also Colin Reed (BSP creator) for solving all my "see-through wall" problems.
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A DM map with an interesting concept. The players, grouped in two teams, try to get into each other's bases and activate switches to gain access to a "winning" switch. In single play it gets rather pointless, but you can still get to all the areas and switches. The design of the map is rather cramped, though; it's easy to get stuck/held up on the scenery, or at one of the many doors. It all looks pretty good for an old map, even if a more coherent theme within the bases would've have hurt. --3/5x

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