Filename: levels/doom/d-f/dmmagi.zip
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Date: 08/22/05
Author: Sebastian Kirke
Description: Hi all you DOOMers out there!

Here is something I discovered that I thought you would like to use in your own DOOM levels. It involves using the line type 47 G1 Raise Floor.

Use it to make things vanish instantly, even whole rooms! I have included a sample .wad file illustrating what can be done with this phenomenon:

Fire up DOOM and load magic.wad by typing:

doom -file magic.wad

Start a new game, then type


This means it's episode 2, level 4 (that's just cos I like the music).

You'll find yourself in a small green stone room. Fire your gun and presto, the room is gone! Now you will see a gray column on the right. There are two things that can happen:

1. Fire at the column first, it disappears. Then fire at the computer block, it too disappears.

2. Fire at the computer block first, it rises! Then fire at the column and it will disappear.

Now look around and you'll see a marble block, a pipe wall and a door behind it. There are two things that can happen:

1. Fire at the marble first, the pipe wall disappears. Then fire at the door, it disappears too.

2. Fire at the pipe first, it rises to the ceiling! You can now fire at the marble and the door will disappear, but you'll never get to the other side.

Can you imagine the possibilities? Get editing folks! (;->

You can even use this effect to create vertical scrolling textures! i.e. floors that rise endlessly cos they can't find the next floor to stop at. I assume this has not been discovered cos I haven't seen it in any of the tons of levels I have downloaded from the library.
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The room dosen't disappear in Zdoom :D Still a nice idea for it's time so I'll give it a 4.x
What good is it if it only works on something so obsolete?x
It's for Doom v1.2 (only), which PrBoom isn't capable of emulating (yet?).x
Using PrBoom, doesn't work correctly :-( Nice idea though...x
Woah, this is pretty cool.x

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