Title: Private Hell, Part III
Filename: levels/doom/d-f/dmpri3.zip
Size: 31.94 KB
Date: 05/23/05
Author: Flagg aka Matrix
Description: You made it through the spider demon in Part I. You made it through the infestation of CacoDemons in Part II. Now, enter Baron Hell. This is the level your mother warned ya 'bout. You regain consciousness. Darklord appears before you yet again, laughing with a cackle that sends a shiver down your spine. Two down, 7 to go. Hahahahaha!!!!!! "Piss off!" you growl and head for the nearest door. The dimness of the room you are in echo's the dimness in your heart. Death is before you. Them or you.

Note: If you have not played Private Hell Part 1 & 2 don't worry. I have revamped Part I, and have yet to release Part II on compuserve.(Too big) I am currently working quite diligently on an entire Private Hell series that should be ready for upload by September 15. This will encompass the entire Episode 1 and maybe if yer nice, the secret level too. Make sure ya got a BFG if ya wanna go through that.

Enjoy and I will be floating along on the boards. C-ya!

Credits: ID software (Oh! What's this I got in the mail? an order form for DOOM II?)
Base: New from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DoomED and BSP (Amen to those blessed souls!)
Bugs: One tiny instance of very very very very minor HOM. A funny thing happened to me in the teleporter room but I found the error to be neat, so I left it in.
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A definite improvement over dmpri1, with a bit more challenge, some semi-findable secrets and some attempts at non-trivial gameplay (with a few mild traps) and progression. It's still very easy, though, with more health and ammo than you'll ever need. Also, the author still just seems to have thrown this together, as there's a wide variety of themes. Because of a mapping error, the yellow key isn't needed to finish. --1/5x

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