Title: DOOM "Sacrifice" Episode
Filename: levels/doom/d-f/dmsacr.zip
Size: 320.41 KB
Date: 09/07/94
Author: Ty Halderman and Robert Taylor
Description: This set of 6 episodes attempts to use mature levels of sophistication and puzzle solving rather than just turning up the volume. Children (you know who you are) may be bored. Levels increase in complexity, difficulty and violence. Definite considerations were given to consistency, theme and fairness. Plan to die a bit, but to be able to finish with a sense of true accomplishment.
Credits: DEU (5.0, 5.1, 5.2GCC, 5.21), BSP (1.1, 1.2x) and their many contributors; the masses of Compuserve Gamers who have unwittingly helped by allowing their problems and ideas to further our productivity; the WADmakers of the world for sharing their ideas and examples with us; the folks at id for making such a creative endeavor possible; all those who have made other tools and nifties that have allowed us to keep our sanity (if we still have any).

Specific people who mostly unknowingly have helped: Dr. Sleep, Paracelsus, Patrix, Blackfist, the Brunis, and whoever those others are that we can't remember suddenly (sincere apologies). Yes, Paracelsus, these levels will save under version 1.2 .
Base: 6 new levels from scratch, probably hundreds of hours over 4 months; who cares, this is fun!
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DEU 5.0 through 5.21, plus BSP 1.2x
Bugs: & Limitations: None that we caused (we hope).

DOOM 1.2 engine has some limitations when you get many transparent (2 sided) lines in a row. 1.666 improves that limit. Also doesn't like rooms over about 500 units high -- may briefly see nothing but ceiling (like a flash). Sorry about that, Chief, but it was worth it for some of the effects. There are brief HOM (Hall Of Mirrors) problems in level 6 if you stand in the right places, but with 1.666 right around the corner, it didn't make sense to mess up the level by taking out the offending lines. Pardon us if you disagree, but we needed to release this around Labor Day weekend. Please report any "features" (other people call them bugs) to us via one of the addresses above.
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Very early mapset of relatively great importance. Not because the fact that mr. Halderman is one of the authors (see ^), but because a LOT of it's ideas / constructs have been copied over and over and over again by other mappers over the last two decades, so the mapset was quite influential. Therefore authors deserve respect for their originality. Rated in this context: 5*. BTW the first poster completely misses it's historical perspective.x
Basic early 90's mapping. Nothing too special by today's standards, but a historical WAD since it was made by Ty Halderman.x
These are among my favorites of the early maps. They were interesting to look at, satisfying to puzzle out, and had very good replay value (and they are even better with D2 and various alt-monsters). They might seem dated today, but in their time they were innovative maps.x
Very basic mapping, pretty good for 1994 standards, but texturing is still a little 'all over the place'. Not '0 star' material, probably 3.5 in the day and 2.5 now.x
Generally tedious early levelset; runs the gamut from maze (level two) to nukage plant (level two again) to level-that's-like-m y-place-of-work (level four). Level one is short and sweet and except for the crude detailing it works as an introduction; but the rest is just dull. Laughably and inappropriately bullish textfile, too.x

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