Title: STARDEATH "A star is dead" v1.0
Filename: levels/doom/d-f/dmsdth.zip
Size: 23.79 KB
Date: 10/23/05
Author: Derek Morton
Description: A huge Deathmatch play level with a few nasties added to spice things up a little bit. Vigorously tested for two man deathmatch play but should support four man play. Average two man deathmatch game lasts between 20-30 minutes when playing to ten frags.

HINTS: ------

Starting Star lift: Starting about halfway between candelabra and Star lift, walk towards Star lift.

Stopping Star lift: ??? Try experimenting by walking around the star's perimeter. Walking over certain sides of the pillars will also work.

Monster Pit: Raise the pit with the 'eye' switch. Monsters cannot cross the blue 'monster barrier' but they can slip out the back. NOTE: Let the Baron live and watch him catch your opponent(s) when they least expect it.

Automatic Door: Once the door closes it stays that way for 30 seconds.

Teleporter lift: Lift to teleporter is activated by exiting the gray hallway with the red ceiling. Be quick about it!



Feel free to send your suggestions and/or comments but you can keep the criticisms to yourself. I'd appreciate receiving a saved four player deathmatch game. This PWAD would seem to be ideal for that.
Base: New from scratch
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A DM only map (in spite of what Funduke's text file says. There's no exit in the map, e.g.). Mostly large, ugly rooms made in a lot of different styles. The name probably comes from a large star-shaped pillar in the "main" room. Ammo, weapons and health/powerups spread around everywhere. Some minor gameplay tricks are used, such as remote switches, powerful weapons placed in places where you're vulnerable to attack, etc. Not a very interesting map, but it's not intolerable in any way. --2/5x

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