Title: Showdown
Filename: levels/doom/d-f/dmshow.zip
Size: 16.31 KB
Date: 05/26/05
Author: Rick DeMar
Description: I call this particular level "Showdown". The reason for this is probably most apparent early in the game. My favorite four of the enemy list are represented here in droves, and classy weapons and bonuses abound (except for the BFG- 9000, which I thought made things a little too easy, and we can't have that...), as well as some crafty secrets and traps.

Four things to remember while playing:

1:Watch your ammo levels (health too!!) 2:Watch your ass as well! 3:If it smells like a trap, it probably is... 4:All secrets are in sequence; if you miss one, you won't be able to leave!

It is a real run for your money, but if you keep these things in mind, it's acually kind of easy after awhile ;) . BTW: Don't forget about the strafe maneuver!!
Credits: Thanks to the wonderful world of high technology, we can now not only participate in, but also cause a mass slaughter right in the cozy comfort of our computer chair. Not only that, but thanks (much thanks!) to Brendon J. Wyber and RaphaŽl Quinet (Authors of DEU), we also have the Doom Editor Utility, and can create our own perfect "Spray-and-Slay" scenario! Endless thanks also to those awesome guys at id Software for bringing us "DOOM". Look for "Doom: Hell on Earth" this summer and remember, "Winners don't use cheat codes!!!"
Base: New from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: I used DEU 5.0 for map design and BSP.EXE (Beaucoup thanks to Colin Reed, author of BSP.EXE) for graphic cleanup.
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An early "slaughter" (not really) level. Very dumb and ugly. The only mildly entertaining thing about it is the buggy line that allows you to get out of the map (which is exactly the direction you should be going in).x
A large, very plain hall (and some siderooms) filled with big packs of various monsters. You have plenty of firepower and health, so it's pretty easy. An old-school slaughter map, sort of. It's surprisingly fun to play, actually. The action takes place both on big, high ledges and far below, on the ground. Make sure the groups of Cacos don't close in on you from above while you're down on the ground. No secrets. --2/5x

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