Title: Special Operation Force
Filename: levels/doom/d-f/dmsof.zip
Size: 412.79 KB
Date: 05/13/05
Author: Gabriel Basco Guimaraens
Description: You are Sgt. Kebo Ludo. Member of the elite Special Operation Force left alone in a strange world.

You have to solve how to get to end without being killed. Not only by defending yourself against all the lovely monsters who want you visit them at HELL. Solve the problem of the Bounty, or the Atztec pryramid & the Phanton of the Opera.

I rely on the Shotgun, I think its the best all around weapon, besides Sgt. Ludo is too macho to carry a Rocket Launcher or a BFG. Those are girly-weapons. Besides solving how to get to the end of each level is sometimes not as easy.

Do NOT attempt to get 100% kills in all levels, if you do it means you cheated!!! If you like it, ket me know. This my second one, and do not know if I am doing ok.
Credits: Jose Bono y Tomas Chan for beta testing The makers of DOOMEDIT "The Real Thing" & DEU
Base: New from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DOOM Edit "The Real Thing"
Bugs: Minor HOM in some exteriors. I tried to cut down on some detail, but I don't think the remaining HOM was that bad. Lo Siento!!! If you find any other problem, send me some e-mail.
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Got 100% kills, or within 5%, on all levels on UV and still had plenty of ammo at all times. But progressing here without an automap cheat would render it unplayable unless you enjoy pushing/shooting every wall. Merely OK overall.x
This is close to being a very good episode, but there are way too many unmarked doors - and they are not even secrets, but places you need to go into order to make any progress through the map. Some slightly retarded crushers don't help the overall assessment either. 3/5, but it would be 4/5 without the annoyances.x
OK, not bad at all, looks good but a few pretty frustrating bits of gameplay and not being able to get 100% kills is a bit of a Doom no-no... - pritchx

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