Filename: levels/doom/d-f/dmtex.zip
Size: 58.13 KB
Date: 06/16/05
Author: David Bruni
Description: A large, tough floor. Takes me 25 minutes to complete without cheating. Thought about making the map look like the state of Texas, but gave up on that, kept the name, though. Revised to support deathmatches.
Credits: id for DOOM. Geoff Allan for making DoomED-The Real Thing. My wife, Kathy, for play testing the floor.
Base: New from scratch, that means, it's an updated version of the same level also by David Bruni. That old version had the name DMTEXAS.WAD. This newer version, DMTEXAS1.WAD, has now coop and deathmatch support added.
Build time: 50 hours
Editor(s) used: DoomED-The Real Thing version 2.60.
Bugs: none
Rating: (5 votes)
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This is from August 1994. It's one of a handful of Doom levels that's supposed to look like a US state, in this case Texas. It's big and filled with brainless gun-toting zombies. (comedy pause). But that's enough about Texas. The level is pretty good, with lots of action, although it drags on and on. There are lots of sergeants, which can be frustrating. It's good for speedrunning - if you know where to go you can run through it in about a minute.x
An interesting map from would-be "Eternal Doom" contributor David Bruni. This one plays all right, but it's a little too dark an bare in places. --3/5x
A good map, but again, not the most exciting. I'll give this one a 4.x
A good map.x

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