Title: D.O.A. - The Conspiracy (part 2)
Filename: levels/doom/d-f/doa1-2.zip
Size: 199.32 KB
Date: 11/11/98
Author: Dan L'Ecuyer
Description: This is the last of a four-level series. Here you encounter The Conspiracy. Something is not right at the UAC (stay tuned for the full story).

This is a fairly large map with a lot of detail, including several special effects (dontcha love that?). Like the first three maps in this series, the emphasis is on a realistic look and feel. The game play is designed for the average player but it's still tough no matter how you cut it.

I have included a demo of me finishing part 1 in UV according to the rules of the challenge. Of course, you will need DOA1-1.WAD to play the demo. Check the file DOA1-Y.TXT for more information.
Credits: id software (of course) Matthew Ayres for WADED (source code please) Robert Fenske, Jr. for WARM Jens Hykkelbjerg for RMB Justin Fisher for the sky graphic SAMS Publishing for "3D Game Alchemy" All of the people who keep Doom alive (yes!) For Doom news, www.doomworld.com is the best!
Base: hellcast.wad - 03/26/95 - by Richard Dignall (um, it's been mangled beyond recognition)
Build time: 5 months (well worth it!)
Editor(s) used: WadEd v1.88, WARM v1.6, RMB v2.1, WadAuthor
Bugs: The end part of this map really puts a strain on the Doom engine. I've eliminated all visplane errors (well, almost) but there is one case of HOM which cannot be fixed ('cept by running one of the Doom source ports). This occurs at the east end of the map if you open the red key door and look inside while the castle keep is in view.
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I didn't like the map that much, but it was well detailed.x

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