Title: Doomtown
Filename: levels/doom/d-f/doomtown.zip
Size: 143.33 KB
Date: 09/13/94
Author: Todd Rodowsky
Description: You're on leave from your military base. You return to your one stop light town, in Texas. The enviro shell has been raised protecting the town from the dust-storms. As you get to your apartment across from the helo-jet pad. you fall asleap. The next morning, you awake go to the bathroom and move near the window. Something's wrong! You grab your standard issue E-1146 plasma rifle and the spare energy cell, strap on you armor, and prepare. You know your friend the Mayor has has a access key for your uncle Otis's two stores. (The General store, The Gun store) The Mayor's condo is on the other street, as you go out into the hall some disgusting "former" soldiers begin firing at you. You burn a hole clean through one, and give the wall a red coat with the other. "God Damn what the hell was that? I better make it to the Police station to get some help. I wonder how my mother is on the other half of the town?
Credits: Ted Rosenbladt (Hoss) for playtesting and concepts.
Base: New level from scratch about 100 hours, and a week or so re-attaching line-defs.
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DEU 5.0/5.1/5.2 - BSP
Bugs: None, maybe a little large. You might get some second side-def illusions near the town park but I closed enough that it shouldn't.
Rating: (8 votes)
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This is a very good map, especially for its age.I remember this map to be one of the first wads I have ever played. Not slot of health, but who needs health ;). Anyway, 5 stars for this level.x
Nowadays it's entertaining but frustrating; loads of hitscan enemies and very little health, which makes it a bit Rainbow Six (it also means that the plasma rifle you start with is useless except at very close range). You can just run to the exit and flick the switch. I can see it being great fun in Deathmatch.x
One of the best doom wads EVER!x
I remember my first LAN party ever, I used this map. Hours of great deathmatch entertainment ensued. There's a great balance of open areas in the streets and close combat indoors. This map is not too big, yet not too small. The balance is great. You can get to a multitude of killing weapons easily, and no one can really become too powerful because everything's nice and spread out. An outstanding work of design, have fun with it. -Calaverax

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