Title: Do That Imp
Filename: levels/doom/d-f/dothtimp.zip
Size: 56.4 KB
Date: 07/12/95
Author: (Creator) Tina M. Edwards
Description: My 1st attempt at building a level. Please tell me your comments, good & bad. There are player starts for co-op and deathmatch, but since I have little experience with either, I don't know if the level's good for that. I had only my husband and myself to test it out, so if you'd like to help me test future levels, let me know.
Credits: Thank you to my poor neglected kids, husband and cats for their patience while I was obsessed with building and playing. Also thank you to those without whom all this would not be possible; id software, and the Doom lovers who put many, many hours into figuring out what made Doom tick and designing the utilities so we all can create as well as play.
Base: New level from scratch
Build time: Approx. 60 hours, including learning the editors
Editor(s) used: 90% DEU 5.21, but Edmap 1.31 was invaluable
Bugs: None known; appreciate it if you'd let me know if you find one.
Rating: (7 votes)
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Great map, with perfect level of detail, and moody lighting. I'm surprised this is a first map! (especially since it's made with DEU)x
good basic doom. Nothing fancy, no overkill, just old fashioned fun.x
Despite being called "Do That Imp" this level isn't rude at all. This is an entertaining old map that suffers badly from a couple of darkened mazes, mostly scattered with lost souls. There's even an inward spiral. The gameplay is solid. There's a nice sewer section where you fight on a small walkway amidst slime. If the mazes were cut right down, and the boss fights were more intense, it would be pretty decent; it's a shame the author didn't do any more levels.x
I can't make up my mind about this one. It's an early WAD (mid-95) with large, undetailed rooms, long, dark corridors and pointless rooms/layout. But the author has a good basic understanding of how to create good fights. The ammo balance, traps and monster placement are all quite okay (except for an obvious infatuation with lost souls). The best part is a sewer section with some resistance. If you're a fan of old maps you'll probably find this "okay". Fastidious doomers needn't bother. --2/5x

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