Title: Dreamland (release 2)
Filename: levels/doom/d-f/drmlnd.zip
Size: 76.66 KB
Date: 03/03/14
Author: Martin Bazley
Description: A medium-sized level featuring a few nice ideas, including two mazes. There *is* a secret exit to E1M9. This WAD is called 'Dreamland' because most of the design work came to me in a dream. Scary, eh!? Changes in release 2: Quite a lot, mostly affecting secret areas and map features. Nothing that affects gameplay. Some hints: Watch your back in the first maze, because those sergeants have developed a mean aim through the windows. There are three secrets in the first maze - can you find them? Before picking up the blue key, equip the chaingun and be ready to RUN!! Don't expect to survive the first time after getting the yellow key. I certainly find it difficult. Please watch the light levels in the open-air areas, because I'm very proud of them. (Multiplayer only) Do NOT attempt to kill the Cyberdemon. Avoid it instead. If you still can't complete the level, stop playing on 'Nightmare' skill...
Credits: ID software (Doom) Eddie Edwards (RISC OS Doom) Justin Fletcher (Doom+, RISC OS BSP) Anthony J. Burden and Simon Oke (Deth) Lee Noar (RISC OS Deth) Colin Reed and Lee Killough (BSP) Big brother Chris (BSP front-end, web hosting)
Base: New level from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: Deth 3.92 (RISC OS port 1.00) BSP 2.3
Bugs: The hidden walk-over linedefs in the room with the yellow key are hideously unreliable. I'm sorry, there's nothing I can do about it.
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Played @ UV. Techical part: map contains 40 sidedefs with sector -1, fooling DB2 as well as XWE. I could run it with ZDoom and WO-lines working, but cybie did not activate - also not in the repaired version. Gameplay: overall disappointingly poor, two mazes is too much, and moving ceilings with no idea where to go is not funny. Secrets are very easy to find. Gameplay @ UV is way too easy. A free advice: darkness does not make a not-so-good map better. Overall: 2/5. Succes with a follower map.x
Two mazes in a single map? This is an Academy record! Corny jokes aside, this map is skippable. It's just plain bad.x
Typically abstract map design from my brother but this one is surreal, clever and genuinely hard on UV skill level. It also looks polished: most of the lighting and texturing is tasteful although some door tracks should probably be unpegged. Not recommended for maze-haters, but here they are colourful and deadly, unlike his dreary CCOMBS.WAD. I nearly rage-quit at the crushers with 22% health and 10 bullets till I remembered I had the rocket launcher. :)x
Not bad, and has a nice sense of pacing to it. The only issue for me was the blue key section; I'm simply not a fan of crusher puzzles, but, it was well made. The yellow key, not as bad, but, overall, everything was okay. 3-5 - K12x

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