Title: DWARF1
Filename: levels/doom/d-f/dwarf1.zip
Size: 18.89 KB
Date: 12/30/04
Author: Michael Giles (Dwarf)
Description: If you are looking for a hard level to finish, well you got the wrong one here, this level is made strictly for playing Deathmatch! Sure there are monsters, but for a veteran, this level will be cake! Although there are a few good secrets with some goodies beyond. Watch for areas w/ one way walls to see through, very good ambush spots. Basically, this level is an arena w/ ledges and rooms built off of it!

Credits: Nathan Kidney, for actually designing the nice symetrical curvey stairs in the open area! John Ridge, Andrew ?, For both helping me debug the level and playtest for hours!
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A very small round deathmatch arena with several surrounding corridors, rooms, and lifts. It's ugly, with 75% STARTAN textures, and with no texture alignment at all, but it was quick and rather fun to play, both in single play, as well as in DM (though it's definitely too cramped for more than three people). Lots of tricks such as one-side see-through walls, remotely activated doors, hidden doors with goodies, etc. Overall, not of enough quality to recommend. No exit, and no secrets. --2/5x

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