Filename: levels/doom/d-f/dwarf2.zip
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Date: 12/30/04
Author: Dwarf (Michael Giles)
Description: This level would have had more, but I had problems with the texture I used (Redwall1, beware), so I gave up and decided to make another level with the remaining ideas (and another texture). Well, basically, this level is another Deathmatch joy, w/ not too many secrets, but plenty of weapons and a few tricks to getting them. Some of the switches on the columns aren't aligned, but in the interest of time, and a new level in the works, I said "Screw It"! So, enjoy the level and like the name says, it will become a coffin w/ a lot of bodies in it before long, hehe. Oh, yeah, if you play it co-op you might have a chance at UV setting, heheh.
Credits: Hans (John), as he is my playability tester (which this level got one straight play of 1 1/2 hrs, among the many times we played it).
Base: New from scratch
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Actually dates from Wednesday 13 July 1994, rather than 2004. The readme claims that it is E2M3 but this is a filthy lie; it's actually E2M2. I enjoy the thought of a level called "Dwarf2". I have nothing to add to the previous review, which is the kind of detailed, well-written appraisal I like to read. The level's not bad and would be fun in deathmatch, but the inescapable cage is a mistake and ultimately I am overcome by a discreet melancholy that wounds my soul.x
A large, red-bricked arena with some heavy-hitting monsters, and a few side rooms with mostly smaller monsters. You can easily get everyone fighting everyone else, or just grab some weapons and blast away! Unmarked teleporting lines may put you right in the inescapable centre cage with all those Cacos, so be sure to think twice before grabbing powerups or weapons (you can get to them *somehow*). The map is rather ugly, with clashing, unaligned textures, but I really liked the gameplay. No secrets. --3/5x

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