Title: E1M1SAS.WAD
Filename: levels/doom/d-f/e1m1sas.zip
Size: 109.06 KB
Date: 05/28/94
Author: Scott A. Smith
Description: This level replaces Episode 1, Map 1. It is a stand-alone level and *NOT* intended to blend in with the standard DOOM levels. The skill levels are different than what you may be used to. "Ultra Violence" is a major monster-fest and intended only for experienced mouse users. "Hurt Me Plenty" is more comparable to the standard "Ultra Violence". "Hey, Not Too Rough" and that other one are for you wimpy players...
Credits: The author of STONES.WAD for the arches, which I expanded upon to meet my own needs...

My cat, whom I have neglected lately 'cause of this fraggin' game. I'll start feeding you on time again... Really!

My guitars. Is that dust!??

AOLers (screen names): Zeno 0 Capt Nimo Lord Jay Jon T W Whtrbt1

Home boys: Bob Williams John Jones Rick Todds

Thanks for all the input, even if some of it sucked! ;-D
Base: New level from scratch
Build time: If I had 10 dollars for every hour, I could get another decent guitar...
Editor(s) used: DEU 5.1 & BSP 1.1x
Bugs: Many of the rooms have alot of detail to them and *will* be slow on all but the fastest computers. Maybe you should upgrade!

In some of the more detailed rooms, the player may view too many linedefs at one time, which will cause the HOM effect. These areas are few and far between and not all that noticeable, but *do* exist. To solve the problem, I'd have to butcher my level and that's not gonna' happen!
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Sui Generis
Yes, this is a good level for '94 using a sort of "prison in caves" theme. There are varied rooms and areas with a lively monster population to quell and as mentioned above the soulsphere sequence is cute and relatively intricate. A secret is required to access the blue key, but this is in the same room and easily found. Looks-wise the map lacks variety in textures, though the marble hall leading to the redstone area looks half decent. None of it is an eyesore and the map is fun to boot. Worth a play!x
Early 1994 map, so rated as such. Underground level in E1M1 style. Layout is varying, there is some nice decoration, and ambiance is good. Gameplay @ UV is quite good, challenging and varying, and has some nice tricks. Note that in 1994 most players didn't have a mouse, which made it even more challenging - but imo always fair. Overall: for that time quite good, and even in 2015 worth a play for nostalgia lovers, so solid 4*.x
good stuffx
Great wad!x
This is a pretty good early wad - the design is tasteful although very bland, but there's no shortage of action, and there are a couple of clever bits. The section with the soulsphere made me smile. It becomes more grandiose as it goes on, and the ending has a clever forced perspective corridor. The biggest problem is that you can run past a lot of the second half of the level. And what the f is a "hollaback girl"?x

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