Title: e2m2bce.zip
Filename: levels/doom/d-f/e2m2bce.zip
Size: 16.99 KB
Date: 05/12/94
Author: Brendy Ebel
Description: A great completely new level by Brendy Ebel. The unfinished version was called "E1M7BCE1.WAD". Now here is the full version. This level is fun for multi or single player and for registered DOOMers only.
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Just an average, generic map from 1994 that offers nothing really in the way of challenge or even fun, the first two keys felt pointless and seemed like they were just there to make the map seem a little bit longer than it really is. Overall there are a lot better was out there than this, can be safely skipped and you wont really miss much. Might be worth a play if you are bored though. 2/5x
Number 100, and not early enough to have an excuse. Very short, has an irritating bit at the beginning where you run from one end of the (albeit short) level to the other and back again, and then you descend into a basement, find the blue key and finish the level, more or less. I like it when you get the bezerk fist; not in this level specifically, but generally. Also, "Brendy Ebel"? That's not a name, it's a river in Germany.x
Pretty entertaining. Short and plain, but entertaining. --3/5x

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