Filename: levels/doom/d-f/epi1best.zip
Size: 259.02 KB
Date: 05/25/94
Author: Eugen Woiwod
Description: This is a collection of the finest, custom made DOOM levels ever made :) EPI1BEST.WAD replaces Episodes 1 to Episodes 8 in DOOM v1.2 REGISTERED! It will not work in the shareware version!
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lol voting low on 1994 maps is like looking at a photo from the 1940's and being like "WTF ITS NOT IN COLOR WHAT A PIECE OF SHIT"x
@ low-voters: this is from April 1994, not from 2015. Try to understand that these map builders didn't have nowadays superfast hardware, 2560x1600 graphics, DB2 & style guides. Hell no, many players even didn't have a mouse... Besides that, NO-ONE had 22 years experience in playing DooM. So in those days f.e. mazes were quite hot. Therefore rating according to 2015 standards is unfair to the point of braindead. And no, not all maps were that good, but in 1994 cortyr_b was considered legendary. Definitely.x
Map1 is an unplayable abomination. Maps2&3 marginally better. Proceeds to barely average from there. No way does this merit a 3 star average score. It's crap basically.x
The individual levels are: 1) 11INHELL.WAD (id=22) 2) TTADOM11.WAD (id=104) 3) MEGAWATT.WAD (id=169) 4) 11BONES.WAD (id=20) 5) AMBUSH.WAD (id=130) 6) LEGEND.WAD E1M1 (id=200) 7) FLASH.WAD (id=114) 8) CORTYR_B.WAD (id=166) N_Ax
This is an E1 replacement, from April 1994. There's no information about the designers. M1 is an unbelievably horrible maze. M2 is hardly better. It has a curious "TTN" logo. I remember seeing M3 elsewhere in the archive, it's sub-average. M4 is a decent techbase/dungeon, but you can bypass half of the monsters by straferunning onto the exit. M5, M6 are horrible mazes. M7 also horrible, M8 flashes of competence but not enough. Overall a poor advert for 1994.x
Replace the first map with something else and you have a classic set.x

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