Filename: levels/doom/d-f/epi2best.zip
Size: 315.66 KB
Date: 05/25/94
Author: Eugen Woiwod
Description: This is a collection of the finest, custom made DOOM levels found on the Internet and from various other places :) EPI2BEST.WAD replaces E2M1 to E2M8 in DOOM v1.2 REGISTERED! It will not work in the shareware version!
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The individual levels are: 1) DEADBASE.WAD (id=263) 2) LEGEND2.WAD (E1M2 of id=104) 3) NEVEREST.WAD (id=164) 4) EVIL_E.WAD (id=148) 5) FEZ1.WAD (id=150) 6) PROTO1.WAD (id=105) 7) MAZE1.WAD (id=124) 8) FORTRESS.WAD (id=13884) -N_Ax
This one's tricky to review. It's a compilation of levels, but the textfile doesn't give any information as to who they're by. Unfortunately the compiler had rubbish taste in maps. E2M1 is a small techy town with boring empty undetailed buildings; E2M2 is a maze, filled with unmarked but essential secret doors. E2M3 has a good beginning but it's crap overall. I recognise E2M8, it's not bad. E1M7 is a maze, and screw the rest, I don't have time.x
This is a great set, with lots of atmosphere and some cool maps to boot.x

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