Title: escape.wad
Filename: levels/doom/d-f/escape.zip
Size: 23.27 KB
Date: 09/06/94
Author: David Silver
Description: This wad file was created with deu 5.21 and the nodes were built with BSP12w (beta version). It is intended as a replacement level for E1M4. The name ESCAPE.WAD is given just for the sake of giving it a name. I call it DSE1L4.WAD, but infant2 wads all have real names, so there it is.

There is no fancy story to go with this wad. This goal is just like that of every other DOOM wad: Find the exit. Of course, there is alot of killing along the way.

He is some of what the wad offers (or does not):

-Only a one player level
-Supports several difficulties

The though that went into this wad was to just make something that is not too hard to solve, but has some great kick butt fun involved.
Credits: Thanks to id for DOOM!
Thanks to the creators of DEU and BSP
Thanks to the folks who make infant2 possible.
Build time:
Editor(s) used: deu 5.21 and the nodes were built with BSP12w (beta version).
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This is a simple but entertaining old level, a mid-sized techbase with a scattering of mostly weak monsters, and plenty of ammo and health. Like most levels of the period it has an E1 feel. It's nothing exceptional nowadays, but it's a lot more palatable than most other 1994 wads.x

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