Title: Evil's Playground (Diabolique part two)
Filename: levels/doom/d-f/evpl.zip
Size: 123.91 KB
Date: 05/25/01
Author: Pablo Dictter
Description: The second part from the project "Diabolique". This wads have a strong Episode 3 Style. The first part of this wad is incluided. Diabolique (E3M2) which is very similar to E3M5 Evil's Playground v1.3 has some minor textures fixes and I added some great secrets.
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Bugs: None
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Two maps dated May 2001. E3M1 is a short, fun, fairly linear dungeon with a style mid-way between E3 and E1. There are 40 mostly weak baddies, and you can Tyson the second half easily, but I liked it. E3M2 is similar but smaller, a mellow start followed by a Tyson second half, and a final bit that's the spit of E3M5. I would have swapped the two levels around, especially as you end the first with a plasma gun. They're not bad, fun for ten minutes.x

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