Title: Fae Pente
Filename: levels/doom/d-f/faepente.zip
Size: 27.66 KB
Date: 09/02/11
Author: Michael "Optimus" Kargas
Description: I was inspired by 5 minutes WAD and it came very bad!!!
Base: Nothing
Build time: 5x9=45++ mins
Editor(s) used: DoomBuilder
Bugs: Ok,. I have the very last level where I tried something very funny Biggest sector ever, full quad filling -32678 to 32767. I wanted to have a final eternal infinite plane where you die, just like in old doom the level ended by teleporting to a dark room which burned. So, I wanted the same but to see eternity. Now, this thing couldn't be node builded by doom builder and I left it like this because it's funny. In Zdoom you see the very last frame and you can draw with your weap and you die. It's like the time has frozen or something. In chocolate doom however I get a crash. In many other versions things might happen. Consider it still death and end of this stupid WAD. The universe crashes. The universe collapses. Bad things happen to your computer. End of final level.

Another funny bug.I haven't seen this before but maybe it is something obvious that would make sense of you open my map in an editor. Secret Level E1M9. The monsters simply don't shoot you and they just walk. There are barons and a spider mastermind stuck in barrels. It's extremely funny. I consider this as a feature of the very secret level (that you can always find no matter what :)

Of course all that other missing textures, tutti frutty effects, etc, etc. of a WAD with such a concept. They were not intentional 5 minutes are extremely few :)

Correction: I just fixed the e1m8 bug/feature See faefixed.wad It might run in other ports too now, though I haven't tested. Now the time doesn't stop but you are in infinite plane somehow.. Both versions ruel though.
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