Title: Fame
Filename: levels/doom/d-f/fame.zip
Size: 135.54 KB
Date: 11/26/98
Description: E1M1 An enhancement of my first test wad. Walk on the red carpet.
E1M2 A rather big theatre level. Experience being on and off stage.
E1M3 A smaller theatre level in ancient style.
E1M4 Avoid demon crossfire, if you can. A rather big and tough level.
E1M5 Small level with figurative automap.
Credits: The makers of DOOM, DEU, WADED and DEEP.
Base: E1M1 - CARPET.WAD (published for DooM2)
E1M2 - HAMLET.WAD (published for DooM2)
E1M4 - new from scratch
E1M5 - new from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DEU5.21, WADED1.83, DEEP7.50
Bugs: None
Rating: (3 votes)
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In the description he mentions some of the older maps he made which he reused in this wad. In the description of HAMLET.wad he mentions that he also made FAME.wad, so the author of this wad is Mark Raine (though for some reason he calls himself Mark Twine in the description of CARPET.wad). These maps are fun in a weird way. Look out for the new texture in e1m4 and the funny automap in e1m5.x
Strange to see a map that doesn't credit any author. Also the cute bears are sad, we can't forget that.x
Not bad, although very unpolished and also very, very easy. Level one is trivial, but level two has a good multi-level ampitheatre, and level three looks nice although you can basically just run through it in thirty seconds flat. Level four has a battle with some cyberdemons that's not too hard and level five looks like two cute bears tending to a satellite dish. x

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