Title: FLAT-692.WAD
Filename: levels/doom/d-f/flat-692.zip
Size: 53.56 KB
Date: 06/06/94
Author: Nick Kean
Description: This is a level which was originally intended to be a simple copy of our flat. Our flat proved to be very boring so I added a subterranian section. This does not have to be explored to complete the level. There are some areas that were specifically added for deathmatch play but these don't detract from single player mode. Our flat number is 692, this is not version 6.92
Credits: Mark Mitchell (Ultra Violence beta tester) Angela Emmerson (Hurt Me Plenty) Jason Quinn (Don't Hurt Me)
Base: New level from scratch.
Build time: Many moons.
Editor(s) used: DEU5.1, DEU5.21 & IDBSP10.
Bugs: It is possible to see a small flash of sky below the mountains when standing on a window ledge. I'm prepared to live with this as I really wanted a small fence rather than a tall one. The Cell Pack that appears in the largest room is not a bug. I know how to stop the effect but decided not to.
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Starts with an interesting idea (except for the Cyberdemon switch!) but after the initial living area, it de-evolves into a confusing switch-hunting subterranean labyrinth. It's a 1994 WAD. What can I say? -Grubx
The start is a bit stupid (don't press the closest switch right away!), with cramped fighting in a small house, but -- if you can find it -- there's also a rather neat underground section, with walls lowering to reveal secrets and new monsters all the time. Pretty fun fights, and it does look fantastic for its age. Progression feels strange and quirky, though. Lots of secrets; some are very cool, some are pointless. All in all, an okay effort. --3/5x

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