Title: Aaargh!.Wad
Filename: levels/doom/d-f/foisty.zip
Size: 54.66 KB
Date: 08/20/94
Author: R.W.Marsden
Description: The first in a stunning series of levels Dyiing to KILL you!, don't hang around just boot it.
Credits: iD, Sim Cooper
Base: New level from scratch
Build time: About 20 hours
Editor(s) used: Doomed (Nice Program, Shame About Windows!)
Bugs: Too many vertices makes some textures not appear (fixed) Some Platforms Stop Working.. So They Say
Rating: (4 votes)
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Underground level with a small center surrounded with narrow mazes. Spare texture use and misalignment makes it quite ugly; decoration is, except for the center, absent. Ambiance is amateurish. Gameplay consist of aimlessly walking around, being attacked mostly by former humans and imps; it is much too repetitively, so gets boring quickly. Has three inescapable pits. Overall even for a 1994 map: meh.x
Awesomely complicated compact layout, and it remains challenging for a while because it's hard to find the shotgun. Excellent for a slightly masochistic playthrough.x

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