Title: FOREST.WAD ver 3.2
Filename: levels/doom/d-f/forest32.zip
Size: 371.3 KB
Date: 03/19/95
Author: Jean-Serge Gagnon
Description: Forest is a five mission PWAD with new graphics. Look at the sky and watch for 'graphiti' on some walls.
Credits: Peter Naus (petern@hparc8.aus.hp.com) and Daniel J. Deighan (djdst22+@pitt.edu) for a BIG hand in developping E2M9 (OttawaU preview map). Mark? for the music in MARKMUS.ZIP. Jay? for the music in JAYMUS.ZIP. Mark Lusignan for helping me out in the last minute to make a Deathmatch 2 demo of level 1! Brian W. Gouge and his buddy for the great deathmatch 2 demo that came with ver 3.1 of FOREST, and Donald Duvall for the single player demos in ver 3.1 and 3.2 of FOREST. As everybody else is stating, a big hand to ID for giving us such a great game, and of course, thanks to: Raphael Quintet & Brendon J Wyber for DEU 5.21, Per Allansson & Per Kofod for DEU 5.21 (GCC), Collin Reed for BSP 1.2x, L.W. Witek for REJECT 1.0, Bill Neisius for DMGRAPH 1.1, Jeff Miller for Wad Tools 1.0 and the author of WadMaster ver 1.0
Base: New levels from scratch
Build time: Many weeks of hard work!
Editor(s) used: DEU 5.21, BSP 1.1x and REJECT 1.0
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Here it is, the source of that forest sky texture you see in 25% of 94' wads.x
Spectaculary mediocre. OK for no brain Dooming to kill some time, but not much else.x
This must have been the first WAD I ever played. I recall being fascinated with the new sky and music, after playing the shareware through to digital holes. Twenty years later it's obvious that design- and gameplay-wise this WAD was at best mediocre even for its time. Squiggly layouts, lack of any flow, amateurish texturing and overabundance of supplies. An extra star for the nostalgia factor.x
You have to admit, for around 1994-1995, this was pretty good. Love the music in this WAD too, especially the music for the E2M9. The music sounds very relaxing there.x
I remember this (or an older version) from my old "Doomania" CD, with a bunch of WADs downloaded of the internets. I never understood why it was called "Forest", typical 1994-1995 nastiness. 2/5 for the nostalgia velue alone.x
I played this wad solely because the guy who calls lots of wads "AWFUL" had called it "AWFUL". :) It's not so bad; I'd say it's somewhere between average and mediocre - OK to play if you've nothing better to do. I recognized map02 - it had been in one of the "Cobra Episode" compilation megawads. BTW, there is nothing really resembling a forest in this wad; try, e.g., Skyewood if you want trees and stuff.x
Boring, ugly, repetitive. Say it in big letters: AWFUL!!x

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