Title: fred.zip
Filename: levels/doom/d-f/fred.zip
Size: 20.08 KB
Date: 05/03/94
Author: Jeff
Description: Uhhh...this is my .wad, in case you weren't sure. It's kinda cool, as .wads go, I guess. It's for e2m1, and it's meant to be played on the ultra-violence level. You *could* play it on one of the less-difficult levels, but I'm so used to UV that I don't know how well I scaled it down for the other levels.
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Not too bad, some hard fights in the dark teleporter rooms but other than that area this map is easy and short, interesting map design for 1994 but has not aged too good. Still worth a look I suppose for nostalgia freaks but if you want something less simple look elsewhere. 2/5x
An early version of BALLLOCK - fewer monsters, somewhat more plain texturing and different nodes, because Maikl's balllock demo desyncs very early into the WAD. An OK, average map. - N_Ax
This is an old level with a real E1/E2 feel, unsurprising given its age. It's very short and simple but there's a nice mixture of styles and a fair amount of action. Against it, all the secrets are unmarked (especially the outdoors bit), there are only really three bits, and it feels like part of a larger level. It's also in the archives as id=407, "Balllock", identical but with a slightly longer readme.x
This is an exceptionally early level - number 38 in the database, but given that so many of these early entries are utilities and early versions of Doom itself, it's probably one of the first fifteen or so actual levels. It's surprisingly good, allowing for age, mildly challenging even on UV.x

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