Title: Frag Station
Filename: levels/doom/d-f/fstation.zip
Size: 82.42 KB
Date: 06/09/95
Author: David Mehrmann
Description: This is my second real level, and I think it's much better than my first level. The Fragstation is designed for deathmatch,but it'll also be fun when played in cooperative or single player mode. I tried to put as much details in as possible, and I took out the map room, because a few players didn't agree with me that such a room is useful. However, the level is still one of the bigger ones, and sometimes it may happen that all player search each other but cannot find anyone. I know that's annoying for you Doom2 Map7 lovers, but this level is made for searching and hunting,not blasting away the other players every 5 seconds. I suggest for deathmatch that you play this level in skill 1, 'cause the only weapons there are the shotgun,chaingun,chainsaw and the berserk. This causes longer, more interesting fights and hunts, before someone wins and starts singing an satirical song to tease the looser... :-] !
Credits: Robin Benecke (testing),Wolfang Helmers (testing),Jürgen Helmers (testing), Alexander Schmiegel(testing),Claas Kobbert(testing), Philipp Schwanenberg(testing),Harald Winkler(testing),Daniel Mehrmann(testing) ,The programmers of WADED and DCK(of course),Id Software(of course),my cheap mouse(for not breaking into pieces after playing a fragstation deathmatch).
Base: One new level from scratch using E3M1
Build time: I think not more than 40 hours.
Editor(s) used: WADED 1.81beta, WADED 1.83beta for building 70% of the level. Then, WADED was no more able to load my WAD, I believe because it uses no more memory than the first 640k ?? Don't know. For the rest, I used the Doom Construction Kit 2.2 mainly, and a Nodebuilder (DCK's Nodebuilder is far too slow.)
Bugs: None, if there are any, please tell me.
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you have to admit - back then - most maps were square rooms or mazes with no sense of 'place' ... this one is built in a creative way even if it's not good by todays standards anymore but areas are distinctive so it actually feels good enoughx
Good for its time, besides, its from a furry, so it recives extra points!x

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