Title: DeathMatch For Two Series
Filename: levels/doom/deathmatch/d-f/dfor2.zip
Size: 208.25 KB
Date: 05/23/05
Author: Kurt Schulenburg; Scott Scurlock (he did E1M7, originally TRENCH.WAD)
Description: This wad is a compilation of 8 wads designed for two player modem DEATHMATCH. The wads are physically on the small side so that you don't spend all your time hunting the other guy. They are not so small that 3 or 4 player matches won't work; I just seem to find too many HUGE wads out there and felt there was a need for more action with two players. [See detailed description of the levels below]
Credits: Special thanks to Marty (Mega-Death) Magnini for playtesting, Ray Cook for playtesting, my wife Carolyn for EVERYTHING and Karl for playing with his own keyboard while daddy plays at this. And thanks to ID Games for DOOM 1 and 2.
Base: A few of these levels have been uploaded before in one form or another. This is the first time they have appeared completely redesigned for DeathMatch. One level, E1M7, was created entirely by Scott Scurlock (74721,1250) and is included with his permission. Please, write to him and encourage more work like this. (This level was known as "Trench.wad" in its standalone version.)
Build time:
Editor(s) used: The programs used: DEU 5.2 for most everything... BSP for fixing up things... IDBSP for fixing the invisible artifacts from BSP and DEU... DoomEd, the Real Thing, for stairs here and there... DCK for copying and pasting things together... Reject for speeding things up... DShrink for shrinking these down to manageable size... Multilev11 for putting the wads together into a big wad... PKUnzip and PKZip for zipping...
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Uh-oh... I'd better check that crash! I haven't looked at these levels since I created them back in... oh, '93 or '94. They were early levels, but offered a lot of play value for the time. They're worth looking at from a nostalgia point of view and they still hold up pretty well considering that Doom had only been around a year or two when these were first made. Kurt Schulenburgx

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