Filename: levels/doom/deathmatch/d-f/dmcoff.zip
Size: 36.57 KB
Date: 07/02/06
Author: Richard Gray (a.k.a. Levelord, a.k.a. GrayMatter Software Solutions)
Description: Special Notes: 1. Yes, you wimps can save (F2) this. We heroes, we true heroes, have trained ourselves to not rely on such backless behavior.

2. Big expanse here, so she's going to run a little on the "chunky" side, sorry! Not much extra time lately, this was sort of spit out quickly. But please give 'er a go...

3. This a Death Match level. Do not look for exits and such.

4. Level layout is simplistic on purpose.

5. We tried to incorporate a dozen or so "battle areas" within The Coffin. Try the Cross Teleports, use the high vantage points to your advantage, unleash the Cross's Demons on your 'friends', and...

6. Find the secret area and you can blast your opponents yourself, or you can unleash the furries from Hell to do the nasty work for you (really a sense of satisfaction listening to the big bastards pummel your former friends!). Good for at least a dozen of your opponents frags to find this place.
Credits: First and foremost - all of our thanks to all of you.
Base: New from scratch
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