Title: Fist_Em.wad
Filename: levels/doom/deathmatch/d-f/fist_em.zip
Size: 57.53 KB
Date: 09/06/94
Author: Michael Nelson; Raleigh, North Carolina
Description: This is a fairly large level geared toward 3 or more players. Not many monsters but plenty of ammo. Lots of open space with some good sniper spots. Yes I have two prisons ( HALLS ) but one is escapable. I might of gotten lazy with a couple of unpegged textures but I had so many new ideas for new wads, that I had to put this behind me. Lots of lifts and teleports ( or transports for all the Trekkies ). I named it " Fist_Em " because when you are out of ammo, there is nothing better than sneaking up on someone ( who is armed for bear ) and punching their lights out.
Credits: Makers of DEU, BSP and Reject. Without these folks, Doom would of lost it's novelty a long time ago. Also the " LOBSTER-NET " the premier deathmatch site. (919) 942-XXXX.......Wouldn't you love to know!
Base: New level from scratch
Build time: Way to long but any product produced is worth the time
Editor(s) used: DEU GCC; BSP; Reject
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