Title: Fragyou.wad
Filename: levels/doom/deathmatch/d-f/fragyou.zip
Size: 21.93 KB
Date: 06/26/94
Author: Ronald Goff
E-mail: IP15196@portland.maine.edu
Description: Fragyou.wad is my first PWAD I have placed on the internet. I was looking for a quick fun Deathmatch floor that wasn't to big and had alot of sniper positions. Used DoomEd and to start this and after it kept crashing switched over to Deu Version 5.2? GCC ? anyway this is setup for Episode 1 Level 1. I made it for 2 player modem in mind, it can be played 1,2 or 4 player I guess. I didn't loadup on monsters I don't play over the modem with them on that much. I love deathmatches and I enjoyed messing around with this. I am not sure how long it took to make a week I guess. I wanted something small that would run really fast.
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Not too bad, a little too tall though. Seems a bit annoying to get through.x

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