Title: The Day Hell Froze Over...
Filename: levels/doom/deathmatch/d-f/frozen.zip
Size: 87.13 KB
Date: 12/24/94
Author: Zink The Dink
Description: Well, the cows have come home, pigs are flying, the fat lady has sung her tune, and now, yes, hell has frozen over! Just in time for the holiday season, you can frag some bad-asses over satan's now icy domain!!!

This wad is meant for deathmatch, though sadly I have not been able to test it out for myself!! If someone would be so kind as to try it out and then tell me if it's any good, I'd really be greatful!!!

NOTE: Run the wad from the batch file (frozen) `cause the new floor texture has to be added. Don't worry, it'll replace it after it's done, just run the batch file.
Credits: Brendon J. Wyber and Raphael Quinet for DEU. id for their great game and node builder. Bill Neisius for those lovely DOOM music and graphics programs. Steve McCrea for doomtex. The author of icesky.zip. And most of all, Fifi Fart Face, the first fascist bunny rabbit in the universe!!!!
Base: New level from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DEU 5.2 gcc, IDBSP 1.0, ENDOOMER v1.0.2 (made by me, of course) DMMUSIC 1.0, DMGRAPH 1.1, DMTEX 1.0c (none of that wussy deutex crap...)
Bugs: If you're playing this with DOOM version 1.2, you may experience some slight HOM due to the size of the level and the number of two-sided linedefs. Hey! Don't blame it on me! It was id that made it so you could only see 16 2-sided linedefs at once, not me!!!
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