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Just Another Death Match Level E1M1
I threw this one together in a quick hour, it's a good low level Deathmatch level (shotgun,chainsaw & chaingun) very limited ammo, and only the shotguns are sticky :) I haven't tried it multi-player (yet), so there may be a few bugs with multi play....Date:05/12/94
Size:11.14 KB
Author:Curtis Turner II
MAINDM.WAD, NHOUSEDM.WAD, and #969DM.WAD are the same as their original counterparts but permit DEATHMATCH function for those who love to kill their partners! Enjoy!!...Date:04/01/97
Size:827.8 KB

Deathmatch playhouse. Lots of "detail." Many sniper/hiding areas. Also many interesting, pointless "trivial" features. NO MONSTERS except one DEMON in a cage. 5 MAIN areas: Catacomb area, military "snipers" area, Museum "BFG" room, Bridges, Shrine of...Date:12/15/94
Size:24.9 KB
Author:Jettero Heller

JHL Death 1
Deathmatch WAD in a warehouse with catwalk. All weapons are present. Best with -altdeath. There is no exit....Date:09/21/94
Size:30.97 KB
Author:John H. Lawitzke

small, cool, deathmatch wad....Date:05/07/95
Size:6.04 KB
Author:Dave Pomerance

Pit Stakeout
This level is mainly for Deathmatch (The Only Way To Play) but you can play single and Co-op if you have to. :-)...Date:01/25/96
Size:4.36 KB
Author:Jeff Patch

Joe's Deathmatch (Joe's.WAD)
An new deathmatch wad for Doom II - Hell On Earth.. this one has all the weapons and plenty of trip wires, false walls and bonuses...........By Joe This DOOM II level is kind of a rip-off of a Doom I level that I realy enjoyed playing. I say "kind ...Date:02/15/05
Size:26.96 KB
Author:Joe (Duh) - Joe's Garage BBS (206) 639-4370 (shameless plug)

Commando Mission 1 (3 fortress)
Note!!! This level is for deathmatch only. Your mission is to take over all three main buildings, and kill every other military personel. Unfortunately all the other commandos have the same intructions. Commando mission 1 is very tight and compact wa...Date:08/12/94
Size:18.3 KB

Commando Training Camp
Note!!! This level is for deathmatch only. Commando training camp is very tight and compact wad map. There are many one sided walls (for neat ambush places), high walls to walk on and narrow underground passages to crawl. But remember, just when you ...Date:08/01/94
Size:20.75 KB

This is a small wad. I made it for two player death match. It is small enough to run on about any machine. I play it with a friend using a serial cable. It is pretty straight foward and the better player will win big. If you want to practice up on ...Date:10/26/95
Size:14.01 KB
Author:Shiloh Jennings

Kick Yo Ass!
Kick Yo Ass! is a DOOM I deathmatch only level without any monsters except your friend-become-prey. It's stricktly move fast and kick ass from begining to end. The level consists of another arena (12 sided) surrounded by a deep moat (below) & hallway...Date:06/15/95
Size:29.06 KB
Author:Lou Garcia

PWAD file for E1M1. Designed from the ground up for deathmatch. Most actions/acquiring of a weapon cause a sound so you generally know exactly where other players are based on the sounds they're making. It's been played for (thousands of) hours w...Date:10/18/94
Size:21.08 KB
Author:Kendall Anderson

PWAD file for E1M1. Again, designed from the ground up for deathmatch only. This is a bit smaller than the last and tends to be 'frag happy.' Again, mostly everything you do will cause some sort of noise to alert the other player as to exactly wher...Date:10/18/94
Size:15.65 KB
Author:Kendall Anderson

The halls of Kh0rne
A medium sized deathmatch wad file that is VERY red. The difficulty settings determine the weapons available. The harder the level the less powerful weapons you can get....Date:05/12/06
Size:23.58 KB
Author:Antti Kuosmanen

There are no monsters, no poison pits, and 2 people must work together to reach the exit. The map is based on the Student center and pub at U.C.I....Date:07/21/94
Size:30.62 KB

Kill Them all
(Story) Deep in the Amazon Rain Forest you are hunting...Date:12/18/95
Size:13.29 KB

KILL 'EM! v1.2
A strictly Deathmatch level (the ONLY way to play Doom!). Try single player and you'll die of boredom instead of demon attacks. Here's a basic rundown of things you will and won't find in this level. Will find: Perfect texture alignment Ni...Date:10/10/95
Size:263.72 KB
Author:Martin Cox

Laser Wars
A great Deathmatch level made for Doom I and converted for Heretic...Date:11/12/95
Size:29.59 KB
Author:Charles C. Josephs (AKA Mystical Beast) Josh Feinblum (AKA The Reaper)

The Lost Levels Deathmatch
Its 3 Deathmatch levels by me....Date:08/02/99
Size:248.38 KB
Author:Tomi Rajala

Deathmatch WAD. A production plant inhabited by monsters. Plenty of weapons, ambush points, and everything that makes a good deahtmatch WAD good....Date:09/04/94
Size:28.96 KB
Author:John F. Harris

This patch file is for E1M1. To designed for only deathmatch play. It works best with 4 players but can be played with 2 or 3 players. All weapons are evenly spaced to insure a good deathmatch....Date:05/12/94
Size:15.81 KB
Author:Mark K. Gresbach Jr.

This patch file is for E1M1. This is the sequal to LEDGES.WAD. It is basically the same as LEDGES.WAD, but it has a different layout, and some new tricks to get the weapons. Again, the level is designed for deathmatch play, and doesnt function well u...Date:05/14/94
Size:14.61 KB
Author:Mark K. Gresbach Jr.

This is the update or improved version of ledges2 for the new DEATHMATCH 2.0 rules....Date:08/16/94
Size:14.04 KB
Author:Mark K. Gresbach Jr.

This patch file is for E1M1. This is the next DEATHMATCH WAD in the LEDGES series. Improved placement of weapons and items to insure optimum "fragging". This level is designed primarily for DEATHMATCH....Date:06/06/94
Size:14.93 KB
Author:Mark K. Gresbach Jr.

This is the update or improved version of ledges3 for use with the new DEATHMATCH 2.0 rules....Date:08/16/94
Size:14.93 KB
Author:Mark K. Gresbach Jr.

This wad is designed for use with the new DEATHMATCH 2.0 rules. This patch file is for E1M1. This is the next DEATHMATCH WAD in the LEDGES series. More hours of ledges family fun.......Date:09/08/94
Size:15.45 KB
Author:Mark K. Gresbach Jr.

This is the update or improved version of ledges for the new DEATHMATCH 2.0 rules....Date:08/16/94
Size:15.05 KB
Author:Mark K. Gresbach Jr.

DeathMatch level for DOOM I, designed for DEATHMATCH 2.0 rules. If this wad looks familiar it's because, although the level was created from scratch, much of the ideas and level design was shamelessly stolen from my favourite DM level, ledges2i.wad...Date:03/07/96
Size:15.73 KB
Author:Craig Webb

DeathMatch level for DOOM I, designed for DEATHMATCH 2.0 rules. This wad is a follow up to my Ledge level. I hope you're a good jumper because I've provided a lot of unique leaps that you will need to make if you're going to get your hands on some ...Date:03/07/96
Size:61.49 KB
Author:Craig Webb

Single tight deathmatch map. Played it thousands of times when I was a kid in the 90s. No idea who made it, but it is one of my favorite maps from memory. Just needed to get it on idgames for everyone else!...Date:10/24/20
Size:23.71 KB

Lift Chaos
The title is corny, but says it all (you'll see...)...Date:01/12/96
Size:11.25 KB
Author:Nick Penaranda

With over 100 separate lifts, need I say anything more? LIFTOR was though created with DOOM v1.666 allowing you Eight Channel sound and DeathMatch v2.0 for proper play and desired effect....Date:07/26/97
Size:41.52 KB
Author:Vance Andrew Blevins

Lost in Paris / Death Match version
A pack of two levels, only made for Death Match. You wanted a place where you could have some fun fighting each other, I hope you got it! This is a sequel of a PWAD I still haven't released (should be out by the end of the month), with the sounds,...Date:08/04/94
Size:49.99 KB
Author:Herv Benvel

LSMULTI1.WAD (wow, what a name!!)
Well...hells bells. There aint a story in this one at all. I made it some time a go but it proved quite good for multi-player (2-P)....Since it was so old I had to rewrite this as I never had this pretty little template back then! Anyway, hope you li...Date:05/18/95
Size:13.81 KB
Author:--== S ==-- (Lachlan Stewart)

Lurker's Paradise
NOTE- I designed this with -ALTDEATH in mind, but it should still be fun in normal mode. This WAD is the culmination of everything that my victims .. uh, I mean my friends and I wanted to see in a DEATHMATCH level. Lots of running room, large open...Date:07/24/94
Size:29.14 KB
Author:John Wakelin (DM)

Well i finally finished my sequal to lvnghell.wad this should be about 10x better than lvnghell.wad so have fun and look forward to my next in the lvnghel.wad series...Date:08/19/94
Size:19.84 KB
Author:Bill Waugh (thermo)

living hell
This wad was made for just deathmatch only if you are looking for a good deathmatch THEN this is the one to get. lots of nice ambush points and nice visual effects to make this one of the best deathmatchs out....Date:06/29/94
Size:17.67 KB
Author:Bill Waugh

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