Title: Master Levels
Filename: levels/doom/deathmatch/m-o/master2.zip
Size: 50.35 KB
Date: 01/20/05
Author: William "the kid" Cochran
Description: Doom deathmatch WAD [read below for the rules]
Base: a previous version by the same author
Build time:
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Rating: (6 votes)
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To the above poster: you've got the names wrong. The shovelware collection was called Maximum Doom. Master Levels was a a collection of 20 wads that had been specially commissioned from well-known mappers. And Maximum Doom wasn't really sold to us - it was thrown in for free if you bought the Master Levels. And as people have said, the wad by William Cochrane predates the id release, so it's wrong to criticize his choice of name.x
These two levels to me are better than the mixed 1995 shovelware bag of shit, used tampons, and cat urine that id software shamelessly sold to us under the same name. However, on a mapping quality standpoint, the two levels are still crappy. 3/5x
To be fair, these two levels are dated May 1994, and predate the Master Levels we all know and love and own legally by a year and a half. The levels themselves are shit, just mazey nonsense in a typical 1994 style.x
... I thought this was THE Master Levels wad pack...x
You should.. really change the name..x

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