Title: MAV2 - A Deathmatch Mini-Episode: MISSION 1 - TARGET CENTER!
Filename: levels/doom/deathmatch/m-o/mav2m1.zip
Size: 16.77 KB
Date: 08/08/94
Author: Tom Neff
Description: This is (part of) a preliminary version of a three- or four- mission mini-episode designed for the ultimate in DOOM DEATHMATCH enjoyment! It should be usable under 1.2 through 1.6, any deathmatch rules, although the flow of play will of course be slightly different. Actually, you may see a couple of small HOM (Hall Of Mirrors) glitches under 1.2, but it shouldn't affect game play very much, and under 1.5-1.6 it's perfect.

The TARGET CENTER is a lightning level to get those Deathmatch juices flowing! There is no place to hide, nowhere to go, just an open "playing field" surrounded by "bleachers" and a control room. You enter from one of four "ready rooms" with a shotgun or chaingun, but all four ready room doors open together, so your enemy will have to spot you visually.

There is minimal ammo on the "field" and some boxes in the stands. A few stim packs are around, and (except at harder skill levels) one green armor in the control room.

There are a plasma gun and a rocket launcher hoisted way up on pipe stands. Each pipe lowers briefly when you press the button at the *opposite* end -- better run to grab the weapon before it rises! And hope the enemy doesn't get there first...

There's also a chainsaw hidden behind a wall.

Up in the control room is a switch that raises the rim of the "field" just enough so that it becomes one-way! You can get in, but you can't get out except by dying. If this switch is hit, it lasts until you exit the level. See how you like it.

To exit the level, press the gargoyle switch behind the silver door, then run (or have the other fellow ready) to enter the Exit door at the far end and hit the switch.

There are just a few monsters to soften you up, if you want them.

Notice the red team/blue team decor? No way to enforce it in the game, but if you wanted to play four at once in here, you could think of each team has having its own "audience." Alternatively, the way the bleachers are laid out, if you want to play "death co-op" and just let some folks "sit and watch" that might be fun. Co-op players start out in the ring.

There is no nukage or crushers, but you can rocket yourself to death if you insist. I will probably segregate weapons by difficulty level in the final product, but for now they're all in there.
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