Filename: levels/doom/deathmatch/m-o/nemodm.zip
Size: 37.09 KB
Date: 11/07/94
Author: Bill "Datasquid" Bessette (11/94)
Description: Deathmatch level for Doom 1.666. This level is fast and furious fun for 2-4 combatants. Multiple kill lanes covering each major weapon is a feature of NemoDM. *YES* there is a ship with masts and a cargo hold (thanks DB!) ;) Note: There is one area which is a great spot for sniping, but not easy to find. Look for a U turn hallway with metal textures on the walls. Some of these walls are passable. Note2: Red pad starts the crusher, Blue pad stops it! Have fun! Then Feedback!
Credits: John White Playtester,Deathmatch punching bag 1 Derek Brinkman Playtester,Deathmatch punching bag ][ Diane Bessette Spouse, Consultant
Base: Scratch
Build time: About 20 hours.
Editor(s) used: DEU 5.21gcc, BSP 1.1x
Bugs: 1 pixel roof to ceiling error in water room. Rarely visible.
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