Title: Enjay's Castle
Filename: levels/doom/deathmatch/m-o/nj_castl.zip
Size: 84 KB
Date: 08/16/94
Author: Nigel Rowand
Description: Just a quick WAD file I did one afternoon when I wasn't busy.

This level is designed with deathmatch playing in mind. There are single and co-operative play start points but it is best in deathmatch mode. I have not included changes for the skill levels 'cos when you play deathmatch all the bad guys eventually get wiped out anyway. All the areas are accessible right from the start and there are lots of weapons ammo and medical stuff lying around. The map itself is quite simple and most areas are big.

I heard that DOOM2 was going to be based mainly outside and at least some of it in a castle type environment so I thought "I'll try that" and here is the result.

I also decided to include some sounds in the WAD 'cos I thought the electrical sounding doors and lifts did not seem right in a castle.
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Bugs: I had a lot of "hall of mirrors" and invisible wall problems when making this level but I think they are all cleared up now.
If you stand with your back hard against the northern most outside wall and fire a pistol, chain gun or shot gun the you seem to hit a wall that isn't there. This does not happen with the other weapons and your movement is not restricted - not a big problem so I left it.
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Decent 1994 castle level.x

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