Title: Rest in Pieces II
Filename: levels/doom/deathmatch/p-r/rip2.zip
Size: 19.5 KB
Date: 06/13/94
Author: Jeremy Drye
Description: After playing against some people who can memorize a level after playing it 1 or 2 times I decided and tried to create a board that would be difficult to memorize, and it is. Remember the outside wall is a door where you can restock your health and armor. Enjoy!
Credits: Nick Tucker
Base: New level from scratch
Build time: ~2 hours
Editor(s) used: DEU and BSP
Bugs: In some places you will be able to 'see through' some walls but no go though them. I do not know what is causing this or how to fix it. The outside door sometimes does not make noise when opened, probably because it is so big.
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The whole this is shit brown.. at first. pressing the outer wall youll see silver walls and tons of green armor. This is a dog turd but I guess it would have been fun if you had nothing else to DM in back in 1994. Holds no purpose today..x

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