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A feast for the eyes of those who thirst for blood. Indulge yourself with nine classically designed levels of fine architecture with fast and furious action, a puzzle or two thrown in just for fun, and a silly story line. These huge levels are all pa...Date:03/22/99
Size:888.93 KB
Author:Douglas A. Campbell

GALAXIA.WAD (The Ultimate Czech Level)
- This is my first creation. But I tried to avoid mistakes like too high sector, too long line, HOM, texture misalignment and such ... - It took me many hours and when I finished the level after several weeks, I didn't want to have just a few soldier...Date:07/28/94
Size:324.23 KB
Author:Pavel Hodek (CZ)

This Level represents the ultimative two player Deathmatch arena. There are some (we call it "galeria") windows to shoot out and some fine dark rooms and of course a chainsaw-arena (with nasty doors). This level's seize is good for reaching your oppo...Date:11/30/04
Size:682.51 KB
Author:Mad_Alex and his Doom-Enemy J÷rg

Galilean moons
Size:83.73 KB
Author:Doug Ryerson

The Shooting Gallery
Size:172.81 KB
Author:Klaus Breuer

Run through it and kill them....Date:12/19/04
Size:17.88 KB
Author:Dave Hansford

The year is... - well, take your favorite year from the future. You are a student at Ganymede University of Technology, experimenting with time travel. By mistake you travel about 50 years into the future. You had learned earlier from a history ...Date:01/22/96
Size:86.14 KB
Author:Robert Kacsich

Garden of the Imps
My first wad... Hey! Try it anyways, ok? besides, I think it's not so bad... I pay a lot of attention to textures and texture alignments, so it certainly doesn't look half as bad as many other wads that are out there!...Date:07/02/96
Size:33.76 KB
Author:Eeva Marin

Welcome to the botanical gardens of Deimos. My concept here was aesthetics. I wanted to create an indoor/outdoor scenario that would challenge experienced players and showcase Doom's graphics. Many of the rooms are difficult until you figure out a tr...Date:03/03/06
Size:70.06 KB
Author:Topher List

A Level for anyone who wants to destroy monster after after monster....Date:08/12/97
Size:5.54 KB
Author:Gary Kwaak

Size:78.51 KB

Gatecrasher v0.5
[This is an unofficial sequel to Final Doom.] After closing what you thought was the final Gate, one Gate opened on Earth. You, as usual, were summoned to close this Gate and get back to Earth as quickly as possible. This Gate was triggered f...Date:07/23/96
Size:108.47 KB
Author:Matt Denham

You were sitting down, in your home, just recovering from the battle you had with the Spider Mastermind at the end of Doom I. Suddenly, the lights in your room starting flashing. The TV screen was covered with static noise, and you could hear electri...Date:04/07/97
Size:116.98 KB
Author:David Johnston

The Final Gathering
This is the final revision to The Gathering. I put the starts in on each level for deathmatch play. I think E2M3 is probably your best bet. The original file was a large one level mission. added an entire mission E2M1 and added a lot more rooms to ...Date:10/09/94
Size:133.7 KB
Author:Daniel "Stormin" Norman

This level was inspired by a level in the old GAUNTLET arcade game. It uses teleporters for access to and from most rooms, and this seriously affects game tactics. YES, it is a maze. YES, you may get lost. That's the point. This level is al...Date:12/07/94
Size:42.74 KB

The Gauntlet
This is my first level, so it probably sucks. But, at least I tried to make it tough to get through, and I tried to use SOME architecture. The basic layout is pretty much castle like, and some of the traps are real easy to spot, but they all seem to ...Date:01/26/98
Size:116.96 KB
Author:Mathew E. Foreman

DOOM was too easy, this is "just a bit" harder. Death wasn't meant to be easy. (Who said that)? NOT optimized for deathmatch, but tested & playable. MUCH larger than the original levels! If you want a deathmatch optimized wad then look for GCSDETH1. ...Date:05/17/97
Size:552.22 KB
Author:Graeme Stretton & Yvonne Loftus.

A Gamarra tribute: Gamarra's destiny
You play as Gamarra, the master 1337 Doom mapper. You have been invited by the master 1337 newstuff reviewers who (so they said) want to praise you for your mad mapping sk1llz....Date:02/13/07
Size:35.66 KB

Gatchaman Doom:Version 2.1 - a TC for ULTIMATE DOOM
This is (hopefully) the final revision of...Date:05/08/11
Size:1.13 MB
Author:Dan Patanella

I tried to make a level with only humans and actually hard....Date:05/29/96
Size:86.42 KB
Author:Christopher Roode

Big, hard, not impossible, great for 4-player deathmatch, requires 486/33 or better, keep cool :-) A lot of ideas have been realized in this wad. Have a look, you might find something new. Watch out for the mega-elevator, it will become your worst ni...Date:03/03/06
Size:97.78 KB
Author:Berthold Krumeich

GET1.WAD - previously released as JAD.WAD (weak). This one has stronger nodes, better play, and a he
Few stairs, many lifts, some doors...Secrets are the 'key' to making it outa this one... The Shores have been quite calm since you blasted your way through... But now a challenge awaits even the most experienced Marine - TAKE BACK THE SHORES!!...Date:08/01/05
Size:18.79 KB
Author:J Davis (JAD)

I made this wad for Cooperative play. (IT'S Hard If only one player play's But Can be done. I Did it.) For a Added Twist, Try Running GETSUM.BAT With Dehacked in the DOOM dir. Then Don't Beleave every thing you see? (Some things are best leaft alone ...Date:02/14/07
Size:100.65 KB
Author:Anthony Markezich

Play it and see... My first level, not too complicated....Date:09/16/94
Size:6.67 KB
Author:Garret L. Simpson

Gorilla Gore
All-round single level for DOOM one....Date:07/19/95
Size:62.91 KB
Author:Michael Lundy
Three maps, no story, I hope to make a full episode....Date:02/18/96
Size:165.93 KB
Author:Glenn Anderson

scraping away the flesh
this is the first map i've ever finished [i've started quite a few, but could never be arsed to finish any]. i wanted to do a level that started small and expanded outwards as you progressed. for a special helping hint, don't activate every switch as...Date:01/13/03
Size:44.08 KB
Author:g h o s t - steev lambert

House to house fighting in a small RnR town, as its being invaded from hell....Date:05/31/94
Size:44 KB
Author:Banjo Oblivion

6 Levels I made during the Epoch of Lawlessness, 1995. {(c) S.A. 1987} These have been designed for single player mode, but Deathmatch and Multiple Player games are possible, they just aren't optimised for them. Feel free to do this yourself. I ...Date:10/02/95
Size:408.43 KB
Author:Brian Kelly

Just another WAD file. Included with this WAD is a complete map of all areas in postscript format (LEVEL.MAP) generated with Renegade Graphics Doom Edit....Date:01/23/05
Size:59.83 KB
Author:George Jewell

Gonna Kick Your Fucking Ass 1.0
This is my first WAD I think it turned O.K. There a lot of secrets and all of the weapons are present minus the BFG9000 mainly because in my opinion there is not enough energy cells to power that thing. The exit is in the first room, BUT you have to ...Date:12/14/10
Size:38.24 KB
Author:Michael Roach

Glen's really old wads
A collection of my early wads from near the dawn of Doom. All are playable and all except for two can be finished (see info below). Uploaded for historical and archival purposes. Two or three maps may actually be considered fun, although no actual fu...Date:09/16/15
Size:329.36 KB

Gloom of DOOM
Really... Its all in the title: Gloom! Not a large PWAD, but see if you can survive long enough, and solve without cheating!...Date:05/24/05
Size:23.91 KB
Author:Psyber Freaked! & Psyber Cured!

Gloomy dungeon
Dark, dank passageways ... The best bit is the Great Hall, where an animated firefight should develop....Date:08/16/94
Size:24.47 KB
Author:Roger Musson

Started out with no real plan since this is my first level, ended up quite cohesive though. BTW I like secrets ....Date:02/11/05
Size:15.76 KB
Author:Ian Hay

Belldandy Doom (Test Edition)
Size:344.84 KB
Author:Yukio Ide (Waizu) in Japan

The all singing, all dancing God-disco road show.
# The Story so Far # There you were, just sitting in the living room when suddenly an inter-dimensional gateway opens out from the screen of your TV. Your excitement at the thought that you may be about to come face-to-face with Cilla Black is replac...Date:10/23/05
Size:137.54 KB
Author:Dan Sumption

A full episode (9 missions) for DOOM (Registered) v1.666 or higher. For experienced DOOMers! A 486\66 is highly recommended. Play at "I'm Too Young To Die!" level only. Trust me, it's hard enough....Date:12/12/03
Size:233.82 KB
Author:John R. Wangler

Good Old Engine
Size:46.17 KB

Goetia 1
Goetia (Medieval Latin; anglicised as goety) is a practice that includes the conjuration of demons Doomguy, in an effort to take out more demons, engages in arcane demon rituals to reach the demon's realm....Date:07/25/18
Size:323.12 KB
I must admit I didn't make this WAD. It was created by Ed Ricketts, a writer for the English PC FORMAT magazine, and was featured on the coverdisk. It does not work in multi-player mode, and the skill level setting is ignored....Date:08/23/94
Size:39.42 KB
Author:Ed Ricketts

This level is another in the "lucky" series. To play this level w/ any chance of completing it, you must use Super DooM Guns! For any of you with a heart problem or low Dooming ability erase this wad now, it's not worth your time! All others continue...Date:12/30/04
Size:9.36 KB
Author:Michael Giles

A Doom new level map for E1M1...Date:06/02/05
Size:5.08 KB

This is a strictly deathmatch field. It makes you extremely paranoid, there┤s almost nowhere to cover your back. You start every time with two weapons: a rocket launcher and a chaingun. A hint: there are two suicide pits, once you enter them you can...Date:05/12/94
Size:24.06 KB
Author:Steen Rosendal Steiniche

This is a map of an industrial complex. It would seem that there has been some wierd experiments going on with the rival companies in this community. It seems that while you were sleeping in a secluded room, something has happened to the security per...Date:06/12/94
Size:61.22 KB
Author:Bruce Vautherot
First level in a new episode. Works with 1.666 and Ultimate 1.9...Date:12/15/95
Size:62.74 KB
Author:The Prime Minister of Torture and Cleaning

This is my best level so far. It turned out pretty nicely, I think. I wanted it to resemble a large gothic cathedral, and it sort of does (nice, huh?). I intend to make an entire episode based on this theme, this being the first level of the episode....Date:11/21/04
Size:109.35 KB
Author:Kevin Cornett

Go to HELL!!!
Size:15.9 KB
Author:Jawed Karim

The first level can be played in single player mode, but is also a good Deathmatch level with lots of interconnecting rooms so the players always meet. The second level is primarily for single player with lots of architectural puzzles rather than ene...Date:03/31/04
Size:89.69 KB
Author:Graham Keith

The Graveyard and Beyond
Its night, you're in a dark graveyard, you're surrounded by imps, and all you've got for defence is your pistol.... Things don't look good, but perhaps that light in the distance offers sanctuary... Thus begins GRAVEYD.WAD, 3 new levels for DOOM I,...Date:05/21/95
Size:183.06 KB
Author:David Pfitzner

The Graytest DOOM missions EVER! Try them, there are NONE LIKE THEM ANYWHERE! Even the WIZARDS OF id themselves will be amazed! [Please check out the text file GRAYDOOM.MAN, that comes within the zip, for a detailed description of all the levels.]...Date:07/02/06
Size:191.38 KB
Author:Richard Gray (a.k.a. Levelord, a.k.a. GrayMatter Software Solutions)

[the story so far...]: You were just beamed down from the mother ship to investigate the...Date:07/25/94
Size:40.28 KB
Author:Thomas E. Davis

Green Water
People down the river are dropping like flies and returning from the dead as blood thirsty zombies. Tests show that the water supply is being poisened. Now it's up to you to sneak into the demon's contamination facility and shut it down......Date:07/14/12
Size:63.47 KB
Author:Keith Phipps

Terravia Part 1: Assault Drop (v3.0)
This is a fairly large level, most of which is "indoors". It's mostly fairly conventional, but there are a few fun little twists. One planned "scenery" feature didn't make it in because of the DOOM! engine's >64-2S-HOM bug, but may be added after 1.4...Date:08/16/94
Size:137.61 KB
Author:Phil Stracchino
Attention Doom coders, DEU users, and others so interested... I've built a was that I think had pointed out a serious bug in the Doom engine, or else BSP and DEU have a serious node flaw. The wad is a simple grid (12 x 12 squares), and as you'l...Date:05/12/94
Size:16.53 KB

An anachronistic 90s-style E2 Replacement. There may be mandatory fake walls, among other contentious mapping tropes, but hopefully the maps may still bring a smile! Be sure to have the DEHackED file loaded so you see the nice ceramic mice I photog...Date:02/25/24
Size:510.75 KB

The Prison Grounds
You have been airdropped to Northmoor prison after a series of rather unpleasant disturbances. Now it seems that the inmates have taken control.. This WAD was found on an old disk today (30/12/1996) after it was believed to have been deleted. I wro...Date:04/24/97
Size:57.47 KB
Author:Martyn N Smart (re-released by JPM)

My first level (But not inferior). Great for Deathmatches. Pretty well Balanced. It's a take of some of the original levels--- my favorite parts and how to improve them. It also has some original things....Date:05/12/94
Size:20.51 KB
Author:Greg B.

Size:34.43 KB
Author:Anonymous (creator of BEWARE.WAD)

Doom .wad found on the 'Net up this room before....Date:02/01/11
Size:23.82 KB

Grim Sense of Humor
- MapNames and Author - M1 - WadName: 4 Estee - LegMan M2 - WadName: Star Set - Speedy M3 - WadName: Slaughter - Thrasher M4 - WadName: Won't Live - LegMan M5 - WadName: Caves - Speedy M6 - WadName: Slaughter II - Thrasher M7 - WadName: Imp City - Sp...Date:05/02/12
Size:193.89 KB
Author:!) The Brothers Grim

GTA.WAD (Get Them All)
A large WAD with many, many monsters....Date:12/20/03
Size:38.18 KB
Author:Bruno Vergilio

Doom Gulch
Short but challenging and playable....Date:12/16/03
Size:30.43 KB
Author:Jim Flynn

Gum wad.
It's a pretty simple thing, really. It just puts you in a huge room with like a billion enemies and...Date:03/19/95
Size:32.01 KB
Author:Justin "J.T." Ward.

These are three versions of a DooM Wad by Bill, published in different stages of developmenmt. GUNFIGHT.WAD 07/19/94 (Timestamp of the WAD) [BBS file description of GUNFIGHT.ZIP:] [quote] GUNFIGHT.ZIP 56,903 07-19-94 Gunfight.Wad - Another Doom Wad...Date:04/13/07
Size:254.99 KB

Hells Half Acre
BACKGROUND: I like wads with a kinda theme, not just haphazard stuff thrown together. Ones that sorta make sense; as much as critters from hell can make sense, that is. This one is kinda hell-based, but not actually in hell itself. It's some kind o...Date:04/26/96
Size:114.86 KB
Author:Tom Simon (Sime)

What's wet and clammy and smells like a cunt?...Date:06/30/94
Size:23 KB
Author:The Fishcake Federation

The Hall
You've teleported into the rear of yet another demonic stonghold. Intelligence reports there is a large hall within where many comrads have vanished. The final phrase of your orders bothered you. It said simply "Lots-a-luck!" Yes... this is a large W...Date:12/19/04
Size:142.79 KB
Author:Jim McColm

Hall of The Mountain King (HALLMONT.WAD)
A huge level with some impressive bits and pieces. Full description below, but basically it's a big underground medieval-style setup....Date:05/14/96
Size:64.75 KB
Author:'Spooky' John Bye

Halls of Hell
You awake to find yourself in a strange building it looks somewhat familiar, but you aren't sure. It looks like some kind of processing plant. Is this the end, or is it just the beginning? You could care less, so you open the door......Date:09/16/94
Size:36.37 KB
Author:Doug Branch

Halloween is just around the corner and so are the Sargents, Troopers, Imps, Demons, Cacodemons, Lost Souls and Barons. There are definately more tricks than treats in this all new made from scratch level. There is new music, the theme from Hallowe...Date:05/22/12
Size:68.53 KB
Author:Phil Pesano

Opening scene on Phobos; your left standing guard at the hangar door. After what seemed like an eternity of listening to the screams of your buddies over the radio, and the sounds of combat in the distance, your radio goes silent. [BBS-description...Date:12/30/05
Size:52.26 KB
Author:Patrick N. Gorman

Hanger Episode 1 Level 1
Hanger Episode 1 Level 1 Should be pretty easy. If you like this WAD, send me a letter; I appreciate your feedback. [Snail mail adress in HANGR.TXT iside the zip]...Date:06/07/05
Size:34.8 KB
Author:Rob Young

Happy Valentine's Day!
The big bad spiderdemon is trying to shatter the Valentine's Day, and you must stop the spiderdemon. Don't forget to check the automap ;)...Date:02/14/06
Size:17.85 KB
Author:Love Marmot ;)

Harborside in hell
Lots of large panoramic scenes. Not a kiddie wad, many hours of professional work went into this!...Date:06/07/05
Size:80.77 KB
Author:Chris Regenye

An interwoven 2 key level; kind of interwoven like the original Doom levels. The action is pretty intense.. for a first level at least....Date:05/28/95
Size:90.64 KB
Author:Mike Katzberg

Hatred Removed
Size:417.3 KB

My second attempt at a Doom level, and the first one which, hopefully, is good enough for Doomers everywhere to take for a spin :) This is a small (49K) replacement PWAD for the first episode of the original Doom. Nothing too complex, no mind-wa...Date:07/20/00
Size:20.2 KB
Author:Lawrence Harrison

An atmospheric level. One new enemy. ----- This level is not complete. Some graphics, sound, and parts of the level have been removed to make it smaller for downloading. The Full version comes with the other levels when you register. This is level ...Date:04/05/06
Size:1 MB
Author:Laura Beyer

MADE IN COOPERATION WITH Gravis Computer Technology Brady Publishing Renegade Gr

Size:44.57 KB

Hell at Home
You wake up in the morning and get out of bed (rubbing your red sleepy eyes), something's not quite right... This looks like your house, but it definitely isn't! (There's something not quite right about that wallpaper, eh?) You hear noises outsid...Date:12/17/94
Size:61.54 KB
Author:Sam Honeybone

Hell clash
A classic episode replacer for ultimate doom....Date:09/11/15
Size:405.96 KB
Author:Ilya "joe" Lazarev

This level doesn't work as well as anything but the first level in an...Date:05/12/94
Size:34.88 KB
Author:Sean R. Malloy

Size:12.79 KB

Fort of hell
On middle of hell, on Cerberus hills there is a kind of fort for soldiers and demons o' Icon of Sin....Date:06/11/23
Size:29.71 KB

HellBlok 2
This WAD file is the sequel to my first WAD file, HellBlok.wad. There are a few new texture mapped walls in this episode - nothing too fancy. If you enjoy HellBlok 2, check-out the first HellBlok. You start out the game with you and your buddies co...Date:05/05/05
Size:82.06 KB

Hell Blok
I had first set out to create a prison Hell Block, but, the level didn't quite end up that way. Hope you enjoy the end results. There are a few ideas I've implemented into this WAD that I haven't seen in any other WADs to date. Enjoy!! P.S. Beware ...Date:05/12/06
Size:63.58 KB

Hell Bound
Its a huge multiplayer level....Date:06/06/94
Size:54.45 KB

Castle to Hell
Looks like a humble castle from the outside, but on the inside......Date:11/09/94
Size:39.98 KB
Author:Richard Dignall

Hell Cathedral (Doom 1)
a smaller part of a full level i...Date:03/27/95
Size:15.97 KB
Author:nicholas r. spampata

This has a total of 4 levels. They are made for all 3 modes. You and your friends after a tough battle through hell get back to earth. Then after a few more days you are called to go back and clear out the last 4 forts so they can be used again. This...Date:06/22/05
Size:212.2 KB
Author:Joe Gryglik

HellGate I
The UAC genius who developed the trans-dimensional warp was believed killed during the fiasco on Deimos. But it appears that he managed to escape, using a new interplanetary teleporter! Even worse, this man has made an evil pact with the forces of ev...Date:07/10/94
Size:71.54 KB
Author:Jeff Aikin

After defeating the Baron in KNEE DEEP IN DEAD, Satan greeted you with a new challenge. He put you on a detour to his personnal playhouse. OH, did I mention, it was in HELL? And the rules aren't fair? You just look, grin, and chuckle. You make the fi...Date:02/20/11
Size:311.94 KB
Author:Jason Morris & George Fiffy

See below...Date:05/03/95
Size:31.63 KB
Author:Bill Derouin

Hell Keep II
An E3M1 replacement for Freedoom ( Tries to stay somewhat like the original. This map can be played with or without...Date:08/19/03
Size:21.46 KB
Author:Owen "Sarge Baldy" Lloyd

This level replace Episode 1, Map 1. It is a stand-alone level and is not meant to blend in with the standard DOOM levels. It is modeled after the grocery store that we work in...hence the name hellmart. We tried to duplicate the store as closely as ...Date:04/27/95
Size:204.65 KB
Author:Jim Higgins & Paul Romiti

Hell Palace v.2.0 Final
You are a body guard for an ammbasdor of the desert you are on a ammbasdor type mission to a palace (your a body guard you dont get told much)and as luck would have have it you went to sleep one might and woke up or at least you think you did but whe...Date:08/16/96
Size:99.76 KB
Author:Jeremy Wayne Allen

Fairly big level with a lot of rooms, very different atmospheres and some nice tricks. Watch out for the 'zoo' and the 'sewer'....Date:06/23/05
Size:42.83 KB
Author:Marco van der Slot

See for your self!...Date:10/29/95
Size:15.37 KB

HELL.WAD - Hell on Mars!!
Hell on Mars!! Isn't this good enuff ??...Date:07/28/94
Size:65.97 KB
Author:Martin Minkus

Hell Run - Another release from Run Like Hell!
* Full replacement for Doom Epesode Two * Support for all 5 skill levels * Great for DEATHMATCH * Can be completed with out cheating * The Architecture, Monster placement, Story line and professional touch of these levels will blow you away!...Date:05/12/06
Size:503.19 KB
Author:Jonathan Jordan

The Hellsley Suites
It's a bright, sunny day and you feel like a million bucks. You're strolling down the street whistling some John Denver tune when a travel brochure materializes in you hand(!). It says: "'ve got eternity on your hands so what are you going to...Date:09/15/95
Size:92.62 KB
Author:Chris Somers

hell of a hotel
Have you ever? See you by the pool...Date:06/23/05
Size:28.44 KB
Author:Paul Donnelly

Hell in the University (version 1.01)
This idea came out in the Winter 1994 but only the next Spring our work began. This work was made during our freetime between a Physics Book and TV programs, or during an awful raining day and a no sleeping night. This is because we took many mon...Date:10/18/00
Size:561.41 KB
Author:Max The Killer Guy and Lorenzo The Punisher

Hell Under
A vanilla-compatible single-level PWAD for Ultimate Doom. It replaces E4M1. Created as a tribute to my favorite Doom map....Date:07/01/23
Size:81.91 KB

Hack and slack quicky... in an E1M1, E1M2 and E1M3 levels replacement. Mainly a single player pwad. ....more to come!...Date:03/09/95
Size:94.34 KB
Author:Sam Taylor

Help Out
--attention: the map replaces E3M1!-- So, after the Doomguy kicked the crap out of Hell, the Devil himself understood that if you can't beat him, join him, and those two became friends, so good that Devil promised that he'll reserve a special place i...Date:03/12/16
Size:48.4 KB
Author:Bzzrak Ktazzz

I did not build this level with a lot of tricks and traps in mind, though there are a few of them, but instead as a good old shotgun crawl. You will have a variety of weapons to choose from but you will have to use your resources wisely. I tried to c...Date:02/04/05
Size:52.76 KB
Author:Steve Rountree

HEVNHELL.WAD (Heaven and Hell)
Literally Heaven and Hell. If you can't figure out which way to go to get to Heaven when you start this level you need help. Heaven is simply a large stockpile of weapons, armor, and health bonuses (Apparently the NRA was right). There are also a few...Date:05/12/94
Size:37.29 KB
Author:Kenneth S. Forte

Fortress of Mystery
After defeating the spider mastermind, you return to Earth and enjoy some R&R. One day while skying in the Alps, you fall down a crevasse and find yourself in this strange land....Date:11/06/12
Size:23.8 KB

The Halls of Hex = the Halls of Power You've found the powerbase of all the Evil (tm) coming through the portals. You gaze in shock at scenes of carnage. No doubt about it, this is where the more unfortunate of the marines ended up. Up being the oper...Date:08/15/94
Size:62.83 KB
Author:Peter Naus

My friends and I have been playing deathmatch since the day 1.2 came out, so I tried to put some stuff that I know I like in this WAD. I don't know of any bugs in it, but if you find some, please let me know about them. Likewise for suggestions for w...Date:06/04/94
Size:8.8 KB
Author:Chris Carollo

As usually at that time of the year, Hades was really, really bored. Aside from the usual job of taking care of the poor dead people, there was not much else he could do -- all of the goddesses were on vacations in far away lands, and Persephone hers...Date:05/12/94
Size:23.53 KB
Author:Robert Zubek

"Well, well, well..." started Hades, "You have solved that little puzzle(*) with amazing speed... Good for you, my boy. How about something tougher?" Answering your icy glance, he quickly added "Okay, just a _little_ tougher..." His wide smile expose...Date:05/10/94
Size:56.8 KB
Author:Robert Zubek

Very cool looking level. Caution, Extreme difficulty unless you play the wimp levels or use cheat codes...Date:07/26/98
Size:20.24 KB
Author:Robert Larkin

Hiding to Nothing
My second published WAD, much much bigger than the last and far more difficult....Date:07/26/94
Size:54.35 KB
Author:Stuart Greig

High/Low 1
I wouldn't exactly state this as a come-back wad as the quality isn't really up to par with my previous work. However, I just hope people will accept this map as a good small to medium sized episode 1 map and nothing more. While it has a distinct epi...Date:07/26/06
Size:101.97 KB
Author:Chris Hansen

HighWire (Rocket Jones Vol. II)
After completing your first mission in "The Nest", Space Command has "volunteered" you to teleport into the old deserted alien city on Ceiros 7. Having learned your lesson from the last fight with only a pistol, you opt for more ...Date:06/23/94
Size:20.24 KB
Author:Joe Cates

Hi Jim!
A message to my friend Jim Nieberding....Date:07/29/97
Size:13.57 KB
Author:Christopher Ratliff

Hell Infection
A close friend of mine suggested I get back into Doom mapping a while ago whilst I was in a depressive funk. It took a few months for me to actually give it a try. The result of which is 2 test/practice maps, and a third practice/serious map (of whic...Date:05/12/24
Size:106.35 KB

A few big rooms, a few small rooms, and some tunnels. Lots of wide open spaces, and some good ambush-points. I'd like to see it for team play. Basically, this wad was created while showing a friend how to use DEU. I think it makes a dandy Deathmatc...Date:01/19/95
Size:24.63 KB
Author:Jim Davis

Hit and run
Find the switch to the hidden door, and grab the the plasma rifle. Beware of rockets coming from the the other side of the hall.... If you listen well, you know where your opponents are......Date:01/12/95
Size:15.62 KB

The Hives
<--- I hate this trying to fill this line, but many people like a bit of story, so I better think of one >:-< Okay, hows this: After cleaning up phobos, deimos, hell, and earth, you got a little slack, relaxed yourself, etc. Aren't heroes (or her...Date:07/08/97
Size:84.25 KB
Author:William Benfold

You begin in your locker room. Grab your weapons (one of each type) and go to the closed entries. There are 2 doors: each door can only be opened from one team's side, so neither team can hit the ice before the other. From the moment the doors open...Date:05/12/94
Size:22.37 KB
Author:Seth Cohn

This is my first wad and still my favorite. You need all three keys to finish, and you will have to do some backtracking. There is a Cyberdemon in one of the secret areas in the most difficult setting....Date:06/01/05
Size:95.03 KB
Author:Neil Riehle

Size:25.74 KB

My home
You wake up in the hallway in my house (scary...Date:05/12/96
Size:35.61 KB
Author:Gordon Jamieson

Honey, I'm home!
After a long day at work, it's Miller time. But no, something's wrong with this man's castle! Where's the wife and kids? That smell of roasted flesh isn't dinner cooking! Have a blast ridding the homestead of monsters in single player mode, invite ...Date:06/14/96
Size:100.35 KB
Author:John Bullock

As you gather your senses, you look around to see that you are in a small courtyard. You can see the exit, it is only a few yards away. You move towards the door only to find that there is some type of a force field preventing you from getting there....Date:07/01/94
Size:85.7 KB
Author:Norman Scott

Hall of Pain
1st level of upcoming epic (I hope :-) )...Date:09/29/94
Size:27.75 KB
Author:Bob Arthur

This is my second attempt at deuing it right....Date:07/23/95
Size:50.69 KB
Author:Steve Worley
This is my 2nd PWAD ever so if you dont like it dont play it. I would though appreciate your comments. Please e-mail me about what you think of it and what you like/dislike in it. I designed it so that it could be played as...Date:06/26/94
Size:20.57 KB

Horror (That should say it all!) ;)
This WAD has either no theme, or many themes (I'm still trying to figure it out...) I just threw everything I could think of into this level. (Kitchen sink WAD) NOTES ON MULTIPLAYER: I originaly designed this level for single player only. Then when I...Date:11/08/96
Size:74.99 KB
Author:Steve Terry

Just one of a thousand PWAD's out there. Hope you enjoy it....Date:01/29/96
Size:46.17 KB
Author:Nermin Radaslic

Hospital (Krankes Haus)
O.K., this Level is meant to resemble a hospital. Thats why I included a lot of selfmade graphics. Imagine your were kidnapped by some sort of Mad Doctor, who intends to do some nasty experiments with you. When they took you away, they gave You a sho...Date:07/19/95
Size:106.1 KB
Author:Knud Hinnerk Moeller

HOT.WAD (Halls Of Terror)
E1M1 replacement PWAD....Date:09/15/94
Size:40.67 KB
Author:Reaper (just call me Grim)

I hope you enjoy this wad file. It is my first real effort at constructing a level. It may not be as good as some that you have seen, but I think it is half decent. Have at it. Enjoy the maiming and killing....Date:06/19/94
Size:50.26 KB
Author:Bobby Griggs

I hope you enjoy this wad file. It is my first real effort at constructing a level. It may not be as good as some that you have seen, but I think it is half decent. Have at it. Enjoy the maiming and killing....Date:08/03/94
Size:51.04 KB
Author:Bobby Griggs

Welcome to my house! A deathmatch geared...Date:06/16/94
Size:15.25 KB
Author:Steven Doornbos

You just came back from vacation when the aliens...Date:09/29/97
Size:29.66 KB

The House of DOOM
This WAD is based around a haunted apartment I used to live at. The upstairs is a very close simulation of the actual layout of the house....Date:12/05/97
Size:347.4 KB
Author:Jim Lanzel

House B 1.0
Size:207.99 KB
Author:Stefan Gustavson

This level may be played all by itself as the second level of the second game, but is intended to be played as the second level after the "CANYON.WAD" (At the end of CANYON.WAD, you're loaded up with ammo, etc., which is particularly useful for less-...Date:08/24/94
Size:97.08 KB
Author:Patrick Pirtle

Hide, Seek, and Survive!
DEATCHMATCH level for DOOM...Date:07/04/95
Size:83.15 KB
Author:Theodore K. Schundler

Space Hulk DOOM
Based on the Original "Space Hulk" game. You're mission is to clense varios "hulks" of infesting genestealers. Genestealers are not strong....but the bight...and you'll sure know it when they do. They fall like flies and but they run Damn Fast....If ...Date:10/31/95
Size:853.59 KB
Author:David Biggs - e1m1, Gene stealer gfx, textures, - Music, various gfx and compilation Michael Biggs -

The Hunger
There's no real theme to this WAD file. It's just a good ole fashioned shoot-em up. I hope you've practiced killing the Barons of Hell with the chain gun because you'll have to do that in one spot. Lots of guys to shoot and lots of places to see. Rev...Date:12/27/02
Size:55.04 KB
Author:David & Kathy Bruni

HUNTER.WAD, release 2
A wham-bam, bippity-boppin' good Time wreakin' havoc among them Satanic civies and mutated meatheads. Watch your step and ALWAYS watch your back. It's not an impossible level and is quite solvable within a couple of tries. Well, maybe. Swap some lead...Date:07/10/94
Size:57.3 KB
Author:Jin H. Kim "Time Traveler"

Hurt me 1
Lots of FUN and Surprises, Hidden doors transporters, 2 way walls. Very Hard and fun on Hurt-me-plenty....Date:08/01/05
Size:27.41 KB
Author:J. Michael Heppler

Size:83.76 KB
Author:Brian Plumb

Imp's Challenge 1
This is a DOOM level created using DoomEd - The Real Thing by Geoff Allan. It is a SINGLE player level. This is one of the toughest levels that I have created. It is the first in a series of Imp's challenges. It took myself and the Beta testers quite...Date:02/10/05
Size:5.35 KB
Author:Todd Prince

Fairly tough with a lot of action. Large level with many rooms and areas....Date:02/26/95
Size:65.11 KB
Author:V.T. ICE

Called ICK for lack of a better title (because I used the ICKWALL textures in many areas)....Date:04/03/01
Size:28.98 KB
Author:Karthik Abhirama Krishna

The UAC base has been over run by hellspawn.Left for dead in the guard tower overlooking the communaction staion you drag yourself over to a medical kit hung on the near by wall.Finding the stimpack you enject yourself with aderline shots and slowly ...Date:04/13/96
Size:232.77 KB
Author:Anthony M. Ennas

E2M2 themed level, harder than the previous map of mine named "Stoned"....Date:05/20/09
Size:58.74 KB
Author:Mr. Chris

Realm of Illsuion
Deep in the heart of the Phobos Moon Base, you find a strange teleport pad. With demons and spectres hot on your tail, your only hope is this strange device. Stepping onto it, you find yourself in a strange new place. Things are not as they seem here...Date:08/02/94
Size:43.67 KB
Author:Aaron Gunstone

illicit engineering
A new Doom 1 episode. Eight levels of killing monsters in corrupted bases and demonic strongholds as you try to thwart Hell's plans to construct twisted machines using stolen and warped UAC technology....Date:06/05/15
Size:276.04 KB

Illusions Of Home
A whole new doom game to play Has both cooperative and deathmatch ability. Both are fun to play with...Date:04/16/95
Size:508.2 KB
Author:Brett Librandi

The Imajana Power Station provides electricity of the rest of the military bases on Mars. After the demon invasion, you wake up (and maybe with some others) on the storage room, you must find the way to escape from this biotech hell. Files included...Date:08/30/22
Size:225.02 KB
Author:Herr Dethnout

Immortalizer: Dimension of the Doomed v0.2 BETA 2
I wish to start off by saying that this is the first BETA edition of a work in progress. The Character Selection and Skill Selection Menu are finished, but all skills are equal. I hope to have all of the skills in place for the next BETA....Date:09/27/96
Size:818.34 KB
Author:Andrew Walbert

Imp Invasion!
IMPS! Yes in this first level, you must stop those pesky imps from draining the powers of the Barons of Impania, and to do that, you must infaltrate the Imp Base and steal the keys.. then, break into the temple, which has been taken over by the few s...Date:07/20/94
Size:29.04 KB
Author:Jon Davis

Improv - Mark making it up as he goes along
Decidedly Single player. Has a very gothic feel to it....Date:08/16/99
Size:113.77 KB
Author:Mark Burlison

You're `Acorn Hardas' and you're NO Green Marine. Problem is, the action ain't been too hot of late and you're not one for looking at yourself in a Hall Of Mirrors ;-) You've been in nothing but trouble with a capital `S' mainly for being Late On Par...Date:01/22/05
Size:34.06 KB
Author:John A Warren - Derby, England

`Acorn Hardas' rides again - Following on from my experiences with `The Imp Zone' and the comments I received, here's the sequel. It seems the favourite part of Imp Zone was the Turkey Shoot off the pseudo bridge. That was developed further in IZ2. J...Date:01/22/05
Size:72 KB
Author:John A Warren - Derby, England

The Ican Anomaly
After killing yet another Spider Demon, you begin to wonder how all these demons are getting to this universe, you already cleared the two anomaly on Phobos and Deimos so where are they coming from? You decide to dismiss this thought for now. When al...Date:08/22/05
Size:39.32 KB
Author:Steven Katz
Size:91.16 KB
Author:Andy Leaver

A nine-level complete replacement for DOOM I, E3, full of special effects such as: - 3D bridges (over and under): levels 7, 9 - 560° spiral staircase: level 7 - Blastable walls: levels 6, 9 - Monsters rising from water: level 9 - Lots o' cool archite...Date:03/19/98
Size:1.52 MB
Author:Christopher Lutz email - web -

Inferiority Complex: Beta Pre-Release
Thank you for downloading the beta of Inferiority Complex. This is only a first level beta. There is however new musics for more than just E1M1 and not all the new GFX are complete....Date:06/02/98
Size:86.02 KB
Author:Rich Anderson, Jon Mullen, Some other folx

Nine maps that attempt to capture the look and feel of the original Episode 3....Date:01/01/13
Size:691.35 KB
Author:ReX Claussen

Autumnal Infernox
Two hellish maps with non-linear progression. Instigating monster infighting is highly encouraged to conserve ammo Tested with Chocolate Doom & GZDooM...Date:01/01/21
Size:206 KB
Author:ReX Claussen

You wake up in the middle of a dream only its not a dream!...Date:06/02/96
Size:325.13 KB
Author:Your name here

This set of 8 levels has been made with the word quality in mind. It's Mind here, not Muscles! We have tried to find a good mixture of action, architecture and adrenaline. Some of the levels may be a breeze, others may be a real pain in the *ss. But ...Date:05/11/95
Size:453.65 KB
Author:Bjorn Hermans and Holger Nathrath

EErie music (Satriani) in a HEELLish environment...Date:07/10/94
Size:28.82 KB
Author:Peter J. Gizzi

My first wad, of many to come. Tough and will take some work to get through and uses all but the infamous BFG, but it is possible to complete without it. Will you see my nickname??...Date:03/04/95
Size:36.35 KB
Author:Chris Heckman

This is my first WAD. I called it insane because of it's difficulty. I hope to include it a new episode. It's small, but hey, that doesn't matter much....Date:03/07/98
Size:13.01 KB
Author:Jim Leonard

In Space No One Can Hear You Scream (1 & 2 of 9)
The demons from Hell have taken over the earth, and the remaining human population has left the planet in a starship, searching for a new planet. But it seems that we've taken the horror with us......Date:05/03/96
Size:33.31 KB
Author:Sam Gordon, Chris Petroni

You'll start in a computer control center, and eventually make your way to the crossroads. Each path you take may seem worse than the last. You'll encounter some roadblocks along your way, which means that you will have to find a switch. This map inc...Date:02/15/11
Size:59.56 KB
Author:Kevin Eudy

STORY SO FAR... A rebel planet in a barren sector of the universe, called Talay, has not contacted with anyone for 25 years. Today, at UAC, they have made sucessful communication. After a two-hour talk, UAC has agreed to send all their present inform...Date:09/24/97
Size:234.08 KB
Author:Justin Madigan (you might know me from other wads)

INVASION... Level 1--Contamination
This is level 1 of a 9 level storyline episode. You thought it was all over after you finished the grand tour in hell after Episode 3 -- Inferno. Well, Mars Base has sent in an urgent distress call and this time you are called again for on...Date:05/24/94
Size:191.68 KB
Author:Andy Chen, Claude Martins

INVASION... Level 2--The Upper Decks
This is level 1 of a 4 level storyline episode. [It's too much work to make 9, so we decided to compress the story a bit!] STORY SO FAR: [Level 1--Contamination (invade1.wad)] Mars Base sent an urgent distress call after a new gateway...Date:10/03/94
Size:640.35 KB
Author:Andy Chen, Claude Martins

INVASION Episode 4 Level 1 Epilogue Animation Package
This is the deluxe animation and sound files for the first level in Invasion. This is an add-on package to INVADE1.ZIP which contains the actual Doom level. ...Date:05/21/94
Size:719.33 KB
Author:Andy Chen, Claude Martins

INVASION Episode 4 Level 2 Epilogue Animation Package
This is the deluxe animation and sound files for the second level in Invasion. It is an add-on package to INVADE2.ZIP which contains the actual DOOM level....Date:10/04/94
Size:1.83 MB
Author:Andy Chen, Claude Martins

Single level replacement for E1M7, submitted to DooM Center for the E1 contest. My first ever attempt at a map for the original DooM. I enjoyed it so much that I wrote a short article entitled "Ten Good Reasons to Build an E1 Style Level"...Date:01/24/02
Size:63.37 KB
Author:ReX Claussen

Invasion of the Damned
Nine techbase-styled maps meant to be used as the new E1 for FreeDOOM. Mostly taken from idgames and existing FreeDOOM resources, with a couple modifications here and there to not use textures outside of DOOM1.WAD and to vanilla-ize (not just limit-r...Date:12/30/11
Size:469.65 KB
Author:Giancarlo Laso (Shadow1013)

INVASION Prologue Animation Package
This is the deluxe animation and sound files for the first level in Invasion. This is an add-on package to INVADE1.ZIP which contains the actual Doom level....Date:05/21/94
Size:1.61 MB
Author:Andy Chen, Claude Martins

INVASION Episode 4 Level 2 : Upper Decks Prologue Animation Package
This is the deluxe animation and sound files for the second level in Invasion. It is an add-on package to INVADE2.ZIP which contains the actual DOOM level....Date:10/04/94
Size:2.97 MB
Author:Claude Martins, Andy Chen

Io Anomaly
E1 styled map, my first try at this theme. Many structures will probably seem familiar, some wont. So far this map works perfectly with Vanilla DooM, but I mainly tested it with DooM Legacy (OpenGl)....Date:10/16/02
Size:63.89 KB

The Island of the Death (S)pecial (E)dition
an upgrade from v1.0 to make it compatible with DOOM 1&2, not exactly the same in both games yet though. Story: Your ship has crashed in a storm and as far as you know everyone else is dead, after searching the island for a while you notice that of...Date:06/04/96
Size:100.1 KB
Author:Fatal Cure

This WAD is based on the biological sciences 2 building at the Univ of California, Irvine (UCI). This WAD is a deathmatch dream come true. We killed each other for hours and hours running around the very building we work in daily. The admi...Date:07/21/94
Size:56.08 KB

ITP1_v1a.WAD, Into The Pit 1 WAD for DOOM (1)
This version is for DOOM (1). Another version for DOOM ][ can be found in the DOOM2 directory and includes the new monsters in different places of the level. This WAD started out as a test for what a WAD-editor can do since I recently found out you r...Date:10/20/94
Size:216.85 KB
Author:Mikael Wiberg

Into the Unknown
I have done 18 levels before these. Some of them were intended to be included here but those got destroyed so I had to start all over. Wad has new music, sounds and some graphics. Also a story about it, cool idea to print it and read it as you play. ...Date:07/23/11
Size:1.45 MB
Author:Rami Ramstedt

I Am Very Weird
Watch out for traps......Date:03/03/14
Size:40.58 KB
Author:Martin & Christopher Bazley

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