Filename: levels/doom/g-i/gates.zip
Size: 116.98 KB
Date: 04/07/97
Author: David Johnston
Description: You were sitting down, in your home, just recovering from the battle you had with the Spider Mastermind at the end of Doom I. Suddenly, the lights in your room starting flashing. The TV screen was covered with static noise, and you could hear electricity sparking all over you. There was a green flash, and you appeared back on the moon. You stand there amazed, thinking that you had destroyed everything on your last visit. You'd heard tales of this place from your friends that lay before you, dead. If only you believed what they said, then perhaps you could have saved them. Too late now, but don't leave all this for someone else to clean up, you must do it NOW.
Credits: Ben Morris - for creating the brilliant DCK id (of course) - for developing Doom! My brothers - for testing the level and BT - For some brilliant internet access.
Base: New level from scratch
Build time: 2 weeks
Editor(s) used: DCK 3.62 by Ben Morris
Bugs: Bugs? Don't mention that evil word?
Rating: (12 votes)
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Cool level with a very oldschool feel (no wonder, it was made in 1997). Difficulty level is auto-pilot with all the blue armors and supercharges lying all around the map. The amount of detail is what you'd expect from Doom 1 IWAD, which is not bad. The action is non-stop and you don't stop moving forward. The layout is non-linear with some rooms that are completely optional. Doesn't deserve 4*, but still a pretty good map.x
Sui Generis
This is quite a sprawling, slow-burning techbase with marble and wood elements. It has varied and interesting areas that interlink nicely, but it is non-linear and populated mainly with low-level monsters, with oodles of ammo and several soulspheres and megaarmours. The non-linearity seems to be the kind that makes much of the map optional - I came to the exit having only seen 2 3rds of it. Itís very leisurely and sedate which is ok for a sunday. It is meh for the time but as the author was 14 I add a starx
This is dated April 1997. It's not bad, but feels very basic and old-fashioned even for 1997. You fight almost 200 monsters in a sort of techbase / medieval castle. There are lots of E1 design elements, and the layout has a good non-linear feel once it gets going, but unfortunately this is its downfall; after a compact beginning it turns into a large random-feeling sprawl, and you get more ammo than you can fire. 38 secrets, of which 27 are inaccessible.x
Somewhat large E2-ish level, comparable to some of Id's own. Has a few flaws, namely a few small visual flaws and an excess of ammo. Otherwise fairly good.x

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