Title: Gluckauf
Filename: levels/doom/g-i/gluckauf.zip
Size: 15.76 KB
Date: 02/11/05
Author: Ian Hay
Description: Started out with no real plan since this is my first level, ended up quite cohesive though. BTW I like secrets .
Credits: The makers of DEU & BSP My 'beta testers' - Dean Rocks Andrew Griffiths
Base: New from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DEU521 BSP11x
Bugs: none
Rating: (4 votes)
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A small unfocused map from August '94. Most of the doors are unmarked, although they do show up on the automap. Worse yet, the exit is not marked as well. The red and the blue keys offer two short side trips when the level is almost over. The clever Cyber scare is the only highlight.x
Unmarked doors and overall fairly ugly design let this down as well as the fact that this wad is boring as the map is very short and holds little gameplay, also the optional secrets are pointless. Stereotypical '94 wad 1/5 starsx
This is TEH BEST!11 I was there and I was here. I played it and yes! This is teh beste wad evar!... Oh no, it's a 1994 wad. Auto 0/5 ! :-Px
This was made in 1994 and not 2005. If it was 2005 it would have scored 3/5. Even though this is the authors first attempt, it sucks. Unmarked keyed doors, haphazard layout, keys in secrets... as well as many other how-not-to-build-a-d ecent-wad errors. 1994/4985x

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