Title: The all singing, all dancing God-disco road show.
Filename: levels/doom/g-i/goddisco.zip
Size: 137.54 KB
Date: 10/23/05
Author: Dan Sumption
Description: # The Story so Far # There you were, just sitting in the living room when suddenly an inter-dimensional gateway opens out from the screen of your TV. Your excitement at the thought that you may be about to come face-to-face with Cilla Black is replaced by horror, fear and, shortly thereafter, a foul smell coming from within your underwear as you hear hideous grunts and groans accompanied by the piercing screams of some of TV's top variety performers. Clutching a plastic pistol in front of you with both hands, you edge towards the TV screen as the frightening realisation hits you - only you can save Jimmy Tarbuck! Hang on. Does anyone know what the hell I'm talking about? Thought not. Pah! Stories so far ... who needs 'em? # E1M1 - The cloak-rooms of hell # In this episode you play a disgruntled lavatory attendant trying to win back the affections of a mass of hideously evil, yet at the same time cute and loveable, cholera viruses (virii?). No, I lie (again). I consider this level to be the 'main' part of this little escapade, in that it's fairly playable and has a nice smattering of variety. [...] # E1M2 - Fiddler on the roof # After you've escaped from the cloak-rooms of hell, what do you do next? You climb on the roof to have a fiddle of course. This is another one of those pointless monster overkill levels, derived from the previous level but very different in terms of both the scenery and the playing. It's not very complex, as by this time I was getting a little tired of continual level-editing, but it's far from being easy, mainly because you can soon find yourself fighting almost every monster on the level simultaneously. [...] [Note from the uploader: Please read the included textfile in the zip for complete detailed description]
Credits: DEU by RaphaŽl Quinet and Brendon J Wyber BSP by Colin Reed REJECT by L M Witek DMGRAPH by Bill Neisius ADOBE PHOTOSHOP PAINT SHOP PRO (PSP) by JASC inc. id software The Official DOOM FAQ by Hank Leukart The Unofficial DOOM Specs by Matt Fell & Hank Leukart The Doom Design FAQ by Tom Neff Doom Texture References by Matt Crownover Managing Textures and the "Unpegged" Attribute by Scott Amspoker Deu for Idiots by Greg Cymbalist and Beginners Guide to Deu by Rich Dersheimer Hieronymous Bosch [Note from the uploader: Please read the included textfile in the zip for complete detailed credits]
Base: New from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DEU 5.21, BSP1.1
Bugs: A couple of very small areas where there are too many lines visible. See the description for details.
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Weird-great wad.x
This is from September 1994, from British. It has a garish design that could charitably be called hideous, with lots of flashing lights and scrolling walls, and a single overused wall texture. The new sky is very good though. Gameplay so-so, marred by a maze near the start, and lots of intricate key-hunting, although it picks up a bit near the end. Nostaltic though.x
This is really rather good. Lots of fun - good flow and balance.x

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