Filename: levels/doom/g-i/godsend.zip
Size: 233.82 KB
Date: 12/12/03
Author: John R. Wangler
E-mail: johnwangler@morebbs.com
Description: A full episode (9 missions) for DOOM (Registered) v1.666 or higher. For experienced DOOMers! A 486\66 is highly recommended. Play at "I'm Too Young To Die!" level only. Trust me, it's hard enough.
Credits: Jason Huerta (For help, inspiration and play-testing.) Marianne August (For play-testing) Lonnie Carter (For play-testing) Eddie Perez-Cortes (For play-testing) The authors of the editors used and the folks at id Software. Thanks to all!
Base: New levels from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DCK v2.2, BSP v1.2, WADCAT v0.5
Bugs: None. (If you find any, please let me know.)
Rating: (7 votes)
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a playable map set from 1995 - .. back in 1995 people were lucky to have a PC to play DOOM at a decent speed... a full episode replacement was a rare treat. If you stil don't agree with me, try going and actually MAKING a full episode replacement using the editors of the time - much harder than just 'whipping' up some maps with DoomBuilder. this wad is worth a play just for an hour or two of 'old school' Dooming.x
Straight from June 1995, this is a very undistinguished set of levels for the original Doom. There are dark mazes, square rooms, meandering passages, and most of the ceilings are the same height. Level two starts off with a back-and-forth switch hunt, level three starts off with a spiral maze. It doesn't even have a decent E8 or E9.x
I swear... retards must have made this. It's sad that apparently 4 people play tested this when it doesn't play well at all. Detail varies from level to level but regardless the whole episode is very ugly. The wad is easy enough on UV skill; don't take the description seriously. Some parts play alright but they aren't really worth talking about. Unbelievably, I played through the whole darn thing and I must say that it leaves a very sour taste inside of you when you finish. 1 Star. --- Starburstx

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