Title: golgotha.zip
Filename: levels/doom/g-i/golgotha.zip
Size: 39.42 KB
Date: 08/23/94
Author: Ed Ricketts
Description: I must admit I didn't make this WAD. It was created by Ed Ricketts, a writer for the English PC FORMAT magazine, and was featured on the coverdisk.

It does not work in multi-player mode, and the skill level setting is ignored.
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it's e1m1 - average, average, averagex
For its age, this isn't bad. The design is everywhere (most of it is a tech/brown base of some sort), texturing is random, and there are some sector building problems, but the gameplay and progression are surprisingly decent. You advance by teleporting to different small sections of the map. With health and ammo aplenty it's very easy, but I liked it for some reason. Only one secret (containing a very overkill BFG, considering the opposition) but other goodies are "hidden" throughout. --3/5x

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