Title: GoodLuck.WAD
Filename: levels/doom/g-i/goodluck.zip
Size: 9.36 KB
Date: 12/30/04
Author: Michael Giles
Description: This level is another in the "lucky" series. To play this level w/ any chance of completing it, you must use Super DooM Guns! For any of you with a heart problem or low Dooming ability erase this wad now, it's not worth your time! All others continue reading.

This level is, as are all in the series, a test for those who think they are adept at Dooming. This level is not impossible, just looks that way at first. Quite a few monsters inhabit the level with increased #s in UV setting. PLEASE DON'T USE THE CHEAT CODES! They won't show you if you are as good as you think you are. Well, GOODLUCK!

Bye the way, if you like the challenge of this level, call Doomer's Corner and D/L others of the "lucky" series (soon to be a Lucky Pack).
Credits: John Ridge, for starting the Idea of levels just made for killing and that challenge your running and shooting abilities!

Richard Cheung, for making this level possible to beat in UV Setting and for bringing a whole new meaning to Doom and DeathMatch! Oh, he made Super DooM Guns.
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An arena. One star since it's by the co-founder of King Crimson.x
As ugly as big dicks.x
This is dated July 1994. It has a smug, irritating readme, and the level is a load of rubbish. You fight 129 assorted monsters in an unimpressive STARTAN arena, but you have a BFG and the monsters kill each other, you can just run in circles. At the end there's no exit. I guess this was supposed to be a mid-1994 Deus Vult. Well, I've played Deus Vult. I admire Deus Vult. Deus Vult has entertained and challenged me. You, sir, are no Deus Vult.x
A small ugly map with no exit. It even allows the player to walk out into the void. The map's stated purpose is to provide an extreme challenge. Well, there's stacks of health and ammo, plenty of room to move and ready-made infights. There's certainly no need for any super weapons patch. Even UV Tyson is dead easy. I can't see anyone getting anything useful out of this map, and would seriously question the merit of uploading it. OK, an archive's an archive, but this is a wholly worthless addition.x

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