Title: Hells Half Acre
Filename: levels/doom/g-i/halfacre.zip
Size: 114.86 KB
Date: 04/26/96
Author: Tom Simon (Sime)
Description: BACKGROUND:

I like wads with a kinda theme, not just haphazard stuff thrown together. Ones that sorta make sense; as much as critters from hell can make sense, that is. This one is kinda hell-based, but not actually in hell itself. It's some kind of an outdoor type area on Earth or one of the moons of Mars (you decide...) Anyhow, it's been overrun and slowly being converted by hellspawn, which of course you must utterly and irrevocably slay, being the fearless Space Marine. (all rights reserved, etc. etc.) No rest for the wicked...

Pretty basic formula: Find the switches to throw to allow you access to the keys you need to proceed though the level. Takes awhile to even see the first (yellow) key, so don't get discouraged.

All the stuff you need to do the level is provided. Just look for it. (i.e. the radiation suits)

No cyber-anythings or BFG's here. I like the more low-tech slugfest weaponry. Thank God for shotguns.

Pittsburgh sports fans will like one of the secret areas. And if you don't, well, get bent. =)
Credits: Thanx to the folks at SAMS publishing for making the Secrets of the DOOM Gurus book which got me into this whole mess.

More thanx to Justin Fisher for 1) creating his AliensTC.wad, which scared the wits out of me, and 2) for kindly allowing me to sample a sound from this same wad for my level (this guy should be working for id, AliensTC is an amazing wad!!!).

Also thanx to Ben Morris and Bill Neisius for creating the idiot-proof (mostly! I still managed to screw some things up) utilities I used for this level.

id doesn't need my thanks, they get enough of my money. =)

I also used a sound from the OttawaU.wad. I tried to contact one of the authors of it, but never reached him. Sorry! I hearby give credit to Jean-Serge Gagnon and the other authors of that wad (don't know their names but there were more than one of them) for the sound and take no credit for creating this sound myself. I just really like it so I used it.

I also included a sound I downloaded from the net, and no doubt it's copyrighted six ways to next Tuesday by some movie studio. I don't take any credit for this one either, nor do I intend to profit from it. (This is my first wad and I don't wanna get in trouble, so I'm trying to make these things clear.) Blah blah blah, yata yata yata, the thing the thing and the thing.

FUTURE PLANS (as if you really care...)

Next up is a multi-level Wolfenstein themed wad for DOOM 2. I'm sure it's been done before, but hopefully not in the exact same way I am planning. I wanna have it based on Hilter finding an evil artifact and using it to summon demons etc. which (surprise surprise) get out of control in the nazi stronghold. Guess who plays the part of the British intelligence agent sent in to investigate? At my rate of editing, look for it when DOOM 8 is released. =)

And remember not to cheat. It's no fun if you do!!!
Base: New level from scratch--"Only" took about, oh, 9 months to make! That includes learning how to edit from scratch, losing half my wad to a bug in EdMap, finding out that I really didn't understand WADED's make sector function, and finally deciding on DCK. So I'm only a _partial_ idiot. Plus my mom discovered solitare and my sister found Myst. How's a poor guy supposed to get his DOOM fix??!!??
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DCK 2.2, DMAUD, DMGRAPH
Bugs: Something was goofy with the reject map. (Reject map was too small?) It seems to have repaired itself (I hope) however. But it runs OK on my 486 DX 50Mhz. So if you've got at least that then I guess it will run fast enuf and you will be OK.

I WAS also having some problems with viewing the large outdoor courtyard from the northeast corner of it (would crash to DOS) but I cut out a few lines/visplanes and it seems to be OK now.

I tried to align the textures as best I could as well. Don't care for sloppy or random stuff.

AND you can't get stuck anywhere. Nothing burns me up more than falling in a pit of goo and not being able to escape from it. Putting in a pit you can't see the bottom of is just _begging_ me to jump into it. And most of the time they're just traps. There should ALWAYS be a way out.

If you find any errors, please lemme know.
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Too primitive even for a 1996 map. No, even if you like mazes, this one plays boring.x
Great if you like mazes/ Not so great if you don't.x
Not bad. Nothing revolutionary but fun. 7/10 for me.x

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