Filename: levels/doom/g-i/hellmart.zip
Size: 204.65 KB
Date: 04/27/95
Author: Jim Higgins & Paul Romiti
Description: This level replace Episode 1, Map 1. It is a stand-alone level and is not meant to blend in with the standard DOOM levels. It is modeled after the grocery store that we work in...hence the name hellmart. We tried to duplicate the store as closely as possible. We even included a cardboard baler and meat cooler. The wad plays well in a deathmatch. You never know what aisle your opponent is hiding in.
Base: New level from scratch
Build time: Ask my wife
Editor(s) used: WinDEU 5.23 for the level PWAD WinTex 3.4 for the sound PWAD
Bugs: A little slow in the beginning due to large # of enemies. After they are dead it speeds up quite a bit. We had an HOM problem in one area of the game during deathmatch play but I think we fixed it.
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Well, its sorta good, sorta bad.This is an old level, so u might want to play it, but i wouldnt prefer it as a "gem".x
This level is poorly made.x

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