Title: Hell Palace v.2.0 Final
Filename: levels/doom/g-i/hellpala.zip
Size: 99.76 KB
Date: 08/16/96
Author: Jeremy Wayne Allen
Description: You are a body guard for an ammbasdor of the desert you are on a ammbasdor type mission to a palace (your a body guard you dont get told much)and as luck would have have it you went to sleep one might and woke up or at least you think you did but where you woke up at bothered you sligtly you were standing in a room with a a bunch of skulls and a shotgun with some shells and one thought kept echoing in your head NOTHING IS AS IT SEEMS(hint hint)
Credits: Sensor Based SystemsforDoom Enhanced Editing
Build time:
Editor(s) used: deep8.65r zennode.98 deugcc5.21 wintex4.3 paintshppro v3.11
Bugs: none
Rating: (3 votes)
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It's OK.x
This is an old level from a boy who doesn't know how to use sentences. The level would have been just about average for 1994, but it's from 1996. It's basically an indoors castle-themed dungeon-type map with a modest array of monsters, and some unmarked secrets that give you a superflously huge amount of rockets and weapons. The level has several empty, odd rooms that feel like traps but aren't. It's decent as a first level (the designer must have retired after this).x

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